500 Casino Grade 11.5g Poker Chips Set reduced from £100 to £22!!
500 Casino Grade 11.5g Poker Chips Set reduced from £100 to £22!!

500 Casino Grade 11.5g Poker Chips Set reduced from £100 to £22!!

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Fancy having a few friends over and creating the atmosphere of a real life casino in your own home? Then you need to get these casino grade poker chips which have been weighted so they not only look professional but they feel and sound professional too.

The 40mm x 3mm chips come complete in a stylish lockable case so you can keep them safe and sound when not in use. The unnumbered chips come in 5 colours - blue, black (150 of each), white (100 ) and green, red (50 of each). This set also comes with 5 dice, 2 packs of quality playing cards and a dealer button.

Further Details

· Carry case comes with 2 keys

· Dimensions - 58cm x 22cm x 7cm

Standard UK Mainland Shipping cost: £6.00*


Thanks for this Big saving for serious players!

This is a very good offer but just did a quick search for 'poker sets' on ebay and theres lots of other cheap ones on there.
[SIZE=2]The exact same set is currently at 99p with £11.95 p&p with 12hrs to go so you could maybe gt it cheaper but depends if you're ok with ebay or not[/SIZE]

Original Poster

Normally everything is cheaper on Ebay but we tend to just post legitimate secure website deals on here and not refer to Ebay at all.

Thanks for your input though!

Yeah, There is a world of difference between ebay and other retailers. Ebay products are cheap because they lack several important things such as warranty & are not covered by distance selling regulations (except BIN one's). I wont beleive even if some one offers warranty at ebay.

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Even with Paypal you are not covered, they have more loopholes than a rollercoaster.

I wouldnt spend anything more than £10 in ebay unless the stuff I'm after is NOT available anywhere...

I can't imagine that the Ebay ones are as good quality wise.
I wouldn't get too exited about the £100 price quoted on this site however. ]Drinkstuff have always sold this set for £29.99

That said £22 (+£6 P&P) is a great price if they are the exact same ones as Drinkstuff (I have them and they are excellent).

I bought 2 sets from here generalstoresonline.com/sto…d=1 for £16.99 a set and they are the same weight of chips. 11.5 gram chips are perfect and give the proper sound and feel that adds to the enjoyment of a good game of poker. I am pretty sure they are the same set in your deal mate but a bit cheaper.

Nice find though. Next poker bargain find for me is going to have to be a 6 seater poker table for my house

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Richystix, looks like the same set your right, website looks a little dodgy though but if you have bought from before then i guess its ok.

Try this for a poker table:




I like the black table top, Nice find.

The guys site i suggested is naff looking but was suggested by a moderator on here when I was looking for chips. I was not sure about it either so I called his number and had a chat with him. He mostly sells on ebay and sells liquidation stock from bust companies. The delivery was next day and arrived in superb condition.

The guy does have some real interresting stuff

Original Poster

They guy has a strange array of items there on that site.

This is a very nice set though, I've voted http://www.hotukdeals.com/images/vote-hot.gif and added some rep...

Original Poster

Thanks Emma, WOO HOO, 3 Green bars!!! You make me a happy man!
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