500 free texts from virgin mobile
Received following email from Virgin,offering 500 free texts.The email says for me only,but tried it on another virgin sim and got the same reply text,saying the free texts will be added by 19/12.My sim is a PAYG so not sure if it works with contracts.Perfect time to get free texts to see you through the xmas and New Year period.Texts expire after 1 month.
Edit:Apparently works on contract also.

Hasnt Christmas come round quickly this year?
Well, this time we want to make you feel extra special. All our pockets will be a bit lighter after Christmas but we know youll still want to share all your new years antics and compare presents with friends and family, so were giving you 500 free texts for just that.

Just text FREE to 80150 by 14th December 2008 and youll get your 500 free texts on 19th December 2008. As soon as your free texts are ready to use, well let you know. Simple!



The Virgin Mobile team x


thanks, worked a treat!

I also got an email - damn shame I used the inclusive credit & binned the sims!

Just worked for me on PAYG too!

thanks :thumbsup: worked for me too

thanks worked for me as well:santa:

Had the email too for 1 number but it looks like it worked on all my numbers :thumbsup:

I am on Liberty Sim offer and got same reply. Great if this works. Heat and rep added!

Worked a treat for my families four Virgin mobiles. Ta.

thanks, worked on daughters and my spare8-)

Wow. thats saved me a lot. Heat and rep added.

Whoop Whoop. Thanks, registered. same here. H&R added. :thumbsup:

:santa: worked for me as well :santa:
thankyou :thumbsup:

thanks bazr
worked for me too

Lovely had these last time thank you!

Does anyone know if its payg only???

worked for me too thanks

thanks dude! Most awesome!

Nice One Thanks............

worked on contract

nice one !

Original Poster


worked on contract

Thanks for that,i have now edited title to include contract also.:thumbsup:

great find, thx!

hot.cheers O.P.
merry Chrimbo

thanks very much heat added

merry Xmas :whistling:

thanks, happy Christmas! :santa:

Don't texts from Virgin usually say Virgin on them somewhere?
I hope this doesn't turn out to be a scam of some sort.

Worked for me too - thanks


Don't texts from Virgin usually say Virgin on them somewhere?I hope this … Don't texts from Virgin usually say Virgin on them somewhere?I hope this doesn't turn out to be a scam of some sort.

Agreed (but I decided to risk it anyway)

[COLOR="Navy"]Thanks bazr. Keep me going to Christmas - hopefully[/COLOR]

The Legal Stuff
Customers who text ‘FREE’ to the number indicated by 14th December 2008 will receive a bundle of 500 texts for free. The bundle of free texts will be credited on the 19th December 2008. This offer is only applicable to the mobile number or account holder it was communicated to and the credit is not transferable or refundable. The texts included within the bundle are only valid for use within the UK to UK mobiles and landlines. The bundle will be valid for one month. Any unused texts will not roll over to the following month and will be lost. One 500 free text bundle per number offer is communicated to.

It appears that I have been charged 5 times for sending the message once :x


wicked, cheers OP +++ rep to ya

Worked on all four of our phones, thanks

Seems to have worked so far! Thanks :thumbsup:

hope it works,thx for sharing;-)


H&R accordingly


contact virgin and they will credit you....happened to me this week

Whenever I topped up online they would always credit me £4.99 instead of £5 but whilst it adds up with many people, to ring them and complain on a personal level isn't worth it.

Don't forget, if you want to moan go to the top up line, mess up the numbers and it will transfer you to customer services for free.

[FONT="Arial"][SIZE="2"]Do you need money on your phone to do this? as it is not allowing me to send the text.:?[/SIZE][/FONT]

Ho..ho..ho... It worked.

Congratulations 500 free texts will be applied to your account by 19/12. Lucky you!
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