500 Nectar points when you convert 1500 points or more to ebay voucher - invite only

500 Nectar points when you convert 1500 points or more to ebay voucher - invite only

Found 26th Oct 2017
"Your chance to get 500 bonus points when you convert 1,500+ points into a voucher to spend on eBay.
How to get this offer: Click 'Visit website', Convert 1,500 points or more into an eBay voucher before 23:59 on 1 November '17. The first 1,400 participants will receive 500 bonus points within 28 days of the offer expiry."

Possibly by invitation only - I don't know.
Also, it's "a chance" to get 500 points, as only the first 1400 customers qualify.
Only one entry per account.

Terms and Conditions
This campaign will open 00:00 26/10/17 to 23:59 01/11/17 GMT. Promotion open to UK residents ages 18+, registered on eBay.co.uk & with a Nectar card linked to their account. To be eligible a participant must opt-in by clicking 'Visit website' on the Nectar website/app, sign in to their eBay account and create a voucher before 23:59 on 01/11/2017. First come, first serve. The first 1,400 participants will recieve 500 bonus on their first eBay voucher creation of 1,500 points or more. A participant will only recieve bonus points once. Terms & Conditions apply. Visit pages.ebay.co.uk/nec…tml

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Yep. Must be invitation only. Could not get the Click Website on my Nectar page and nowhere else did it get the convert option. PIty but thanks
its on my offers in the app, thanks op, sorted.
Thanks Decentbloke, on mine too.
It was in mine too, thank you
grrrrrrrrrr not on my website and app. But I have converted points before to Ebay so maybe that's why
its missing.
On my app as well. Have cashed in points before for 50% of them back - so just 33% this time.

Thanks OP.
Not risking it personally, only 1400 people will get 500 points back. Save them for double up instead, at least that’s gua
Gone for it!
Not worth the risk. Double up very soon as well.
Thanks. It was in mine. But a bit of a con IMHO if it is just a "chance".
superspod29 m ago

Thanks. It was in mine. But a bit of a con IMHO if it is just a "chance".

I quite agree, double up is better than the " chance" of 500 pts. Cold for me. I think the hot voters are only reading the title which is a bit misleading although it's nice n clear in the OP's description.
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Great! Thank you
I converted points the last time this came up on here - and got nothing !!! Its a chance you have to take. Had I known it was 'a chance' I wouldn't have converted them to eBay vouchers. The email from Nectar said I hadn't won this time - or words to that effect.
Not going for this because of the lowish chance of success and it might reduce my chance of getting the next half-your-points-back offer they do from time to time
First 1400 only - crikey, not worth the risk.
I can see it, get voucher for 1500 pts (£7.50) with a small chance of getting 500 (£2.50) back and probably be a min spend a of a tenner.
Done! Good timing. Stuff the double up.
Available on mine as well but like others stated its not worth the risk.............Quite a shady thing to do by Nectar if you ask me. They should at least state how many have been used
Whilst logged into my account what I did so was:

300 bonus points on your first shop at Sainsbury's Local.

So might be available for others
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