500 texts 75mins Vodafone £10 a month 30 day SIM only maybe £50 quidco

500 texts 75mins Vodafone £10 a month 30 day SIM only maybe £50 quidco

Found 16th Dec 2008
Vodafone super SIM only 30 days contract, Quidco mentions £50 cash back for SIM only contracts - but this sounds too good to be true ??

Various options I'm looking at the £10 a month for a text heavy daughter:-
- 500 texts
- 75 minutes
Only available until 31 December. Some heavier options with free calls between handsets available.


Read on from quidco vodafone link
Please read the following before proceeding:

As from the 4th of December 2008 the cashback on the SIM only monthly deal will only be paid once you have had the SIM active for 8 months.This applies to everything in the basket when buying a SIM only monthly phone, nothing will validate for 8 months.

No cashback will be paid on free SIM pack orders or any mobile upgrades.

Please note that we have been advised by Vodafone that for the time being cashback will not be paid on the £10 monthly SIM only deal however any purchase made before 12pm on 26th August will still be honoured. The 4 month validation still applies.

**pay monthly contract only;free handset with 600 minutes free and unlimited text for as little as £15.00 for the first 3 months.

The cashback can't be paid when using Google checkout.

Cashback is for consumer purchases not business for business offers please see quidco.com/vod…ss/

Isnt the £10 excluded from the cashback?

O2 have a sim which is a pay as you go, for £15 a month, you get unlimited texts and unlimited calls to other O2 mobiles! Bargain :-D If her friends have other networks just get them some too, they are free to order anyway
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