5000 free Kahoots themes for PS3 and PSP
5000 free Kahoots themes for PS3 and PSP

5000 free Kahoots themes for PS3 and PSP

The playstation blog are giving away 5000 free themes for both the PSP and PS3

Just redeem the code on its respective store

PS3 code - N54G-HNBG-6KT4
PSP code - 39JE-2QBF-ALPE

These codes will only work untill the end of february at the latest
And I do not know how many have already been downloaded
so if you want it you better download it quick


Thanks, you can get this even if your away from your ps3, i have ylod and still got it. Go on the website, sign in then, go to "My Profile" in the top right corner, then after that click on "Manage Account" then click on "Redeem PlayStation®Network Card or Promotion Code"

Thanks! I love a freebie and one as simple as this is perfect. H+R on its way!

Thank you

its not actually a theme its a wallpaper



not a theme its a wallpaper Thats what the psn says when downloading

It is infact a theme

Original Poster

It is indeed classed as a theme, and can be found under the themes section
however, all it changes is the wallpaper, you're right.

A nice wallpaper all the same
I guess they made it as a theme to make it a little harder for people to share it after the limit of 5000 has been reached?
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