500g BIGGEST Marmite £3 @ Sainsbury's

500g BIGGEST Marmite £3 @ Sainsbury's

Found 13th Jul 2013
For those that missed the Tesco clearance, This is NOT a clearance but a national price

The same as getting a small jar for 75p! - Best Before December 2014
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Heated - great price, thanks OP.

Now sit back and wait for the "Cold - hate Marmite" Brigade..........
Hot. You've just gotta love it!
not sure if I like this?
Love marmite have some heat
£2.69 for 250g at Tesco so good deal.
Great price but I'm stocked up from the Selfridges deal
Walkers Marmite crisps were lovely!
Available at Waitrose for the same price. £3 for 500g Jar of Marmite. Shopping at the local Tesco, Morrison, and Sainsbury it appears that the 500g Jar could be discontinued, as they've stopped stocking them.
lovely stuff, HOT!
Just looking at that picture gives me the dry boak
I bought one from Aldi, spread on bread and tried to eat, at the moment it reached my mouth I almost threw up.

Can't understand how some eat this. The taste was so intense and weird...
Brilliant, I need to tarmac over my drive!

Brilliant, I need to tarmac over my drive!

it wont last long, everyone will start licking it!
As a waste byproduct of brewing, Marmite used to be really cheap until Unilever bought them out.
If you have a selfridges near by you can get 250g for £1

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