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500g caustic soda for 89p at Home Bargains
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500g caustic soda for 89p at Home Bargains

Posted 23rd Jan 2013Available: National

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I know it's not deal of the century but I've never seen caustic soda this cheap before (at least on a non-industrial scale). It's usually about £2.50 for 500g at the cheapest (typically 3-4 quid)

Not for drinking
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great for removing moss on garden patios, have some heat.
11 pence cheaper then my Local pound shop

11 pence cheaper then my Local pound shop

Never paid more than a quid for this. Don't know who charges £2.50. Unblocked sink and bath with this many a time.
yes never seen this cheaper than a £1. Great for unblocking sinks too!
I've never seen this in a pound shop before but there's never anything good in the pound shops round here. I always thought the next cheapest was Wilko at £2.50-ish

It's great stuff for unblocking pipes though, if, like me, you've got inconsiderate neighbors who like to clog the sewage pipes up with cooking fat and tab-ends
this any gd for solid blockages i was gonna buy oneshot which is about 90% acid i dont feal safe using it i am in a block thats shares the drain pipes gets blocked every 24 weeks
Good for removing rust using electrolysis. Use it on old car parts and it works a treat.
I have also seen this in the 99p store and to confirm is 99p :-)
great for removing any unwanted tattoos*

*a lot hospital aftercare will be required
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Any other uses for this stuff?

Any other uses for this stuff?

I wouldnt advise sprinkling on your cornflakes!
Great cure for that stubborn cough as well ----- if your mad enough to drink it oO

Any other uses for this stuff?

Making soap.
Now looking for a cheap shovel and some plastic sheeting.

I've been struggling with what to make the kids for dinner tonight.

good for killing the wife
a good buy, bought two today.
I bought this exact one in the 99p store last week!

Any other uses for this stuff?

back in the day it was supposed to help clean exhausts (internally). Spent a while with my bike exhausts filled with a solution of this stuff and a potato stuffed on each end! However, don't really think it did anything.

Poster above scared of using acid...this is just as nasty.
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Thinking of buying some to kill my neighbours leylandii

Any other uses for this stuff?

Another name for caustic soda is sodium hydroxide. British scientists claim they can use it to make synthetic petrol:

Any good for making pretzels? The dough gets dipped in caustic soda solution before baking to get that distinctive dark crust...
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