500g tins of  kp peanuts/salted/honey /dry roasted - £2 @ Iceland

500g tins of kp peanuts/salted/honey /dry roasted - £2 @ Iceland

Found 16th Dec 2008
cheaper than a 425 g pack at morrissons
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An irresponsible post; should've mentioned the product 'may contain nuts' :-D


Funniest part;
"a potentially fatal peanut was "spotted on the floor of a school bus, whereupon the bus was evacuated and cleaned (I am tempted to say decontaminated), even though it was full of 10-year-olds who, unlike two-year-olds, could actually be told not to eat food off the floor"

America home of the brave!
£3.50 in tesco :thumbsup:
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i love the honey roasted nuts
The cheap dry roasted nuts (I think about 33p) at Lidl are fat free and taste ok.
Can't remember the size as I've scoffed them all.
Might be 150 or 200g
Packet contains the classic "this product may contain nuts" line
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