500GB External Hard Disk Drive @ ALDI £69.99

500GB External Hard Disk Drive @ ALDI £69.99

Found 12th Mar 2008
An additional 500GB to boost and expand your PC and notebooks capacity, speed and capability.

* 8MB cach. 7200rpm
* eSATA connector (transfer rate max. 1200 MBits/sec)
* USB 2.0 connector (transfer rate max. 480 MBits/sec)
* Accessories: USB cable, AC adaptor, desktop stand


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why cold

i paid £100 a few months ago for a 500gb drive

pretty poor really, you can get more mainstream brands for similar or cheapre prices.

Just because it's Aldi doesn't automatically make it a good deal, Amazon have some good prices on external HDD that are better brands.

cant see that the alternatives posted offer eSata.

yep true.. the esata on this thing if it works well makes it a good deal


cant see that the alternatives posted offer eSata.

It’s worth putting eSATA/USB in the title as that changes the complexion of the deal. Without eSATA it’s cold, with eSATA it’s!

I believe this item is for the Medion PCs only it plugs into a socket on the top, I don’t think the others would fit (although you could still use them via a USB)

Got one for my Aldi pc. Can be used with cables but just sits on the top of my pc and the connectors all line up. Worth the extra £5 for that IMO.
Voted hot.:)

I picked up one along with the Medion Quad Core PC that I also bought from Aldi yesterday.

It's pretty neat the way it slots into the dedicated bay on the top, means you still have a spare eSATA port on the case for the other Maxtor drive I got from Scan.

1.5Tb of storage now all on SATA (or eSATA). Sweet!
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