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500mB free per month if you switch to mini plan - £5 per month @ Smarty
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500mB free per month if you switch to mini plan - £5 per month @ Smarty

Posted 19th Sep

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

On smarty you can now switch to a 'mini' plan which effectively gives you 500mb a month free, unless I'm missing something?

The data add ons you buy are £1.25 (the same price as the standard allowances )and do not expire.

Good for low users I seem to use 1Gb a month. I'm not sure how one can use more than that really what do people do with all that mobile data these days? HD p##n I bet
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I've just joined Smarty on the mini plan.
I use roughly 1gb(+/-100mb) data per month and I was originally going to choose the 1gb plan for £6.25 and buy data add on for the 100mb when I go over, but this mini plan plus data add on works out better as it would cost £5.73 per month if I use 1.1gb of data a month.

What I don't get is why anyone would go for the other plans (other than the unlimited plan) rather than the mini plus data add on.
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Yes part of the reason for posting was I wondered if there was a catch, if so I can't see it. Should be simple enough to add data via the mobile web page.
You try and post a positive deal.

However, your words end sooooo negatively.

If you want to go blind, that's up to you, but you'll see now that aost every 5G contract provider now offer an unlimited option, purely because actual 'phone' calls are stopping and becoming data driven.

Things like VoLTE, and SIPS (IP Telephony) are data exclusive.

The only reason a call to or from friends (if you have any) over VoLTE (Voice over LTE {4G bandwidth}) doesn't fail if data signal drops is because normal 3G (and in many cases 2G) traditional calls are already running, and the data component is layered on top.

With the 5G rollout growing, it shall soon be followed by a rollback of lots of 3G kit, and certainly removal of remaining 2G kit.

So much of legacy infrastructure has gone, to supply extra interconnects for the 4G and now the 5G rollout, and to supply frequencies to military and emergency services, that very little now remains for public.

Soon, standard mobile telephone frequencies shall be stopped too, and all contract/PAYG Sims shall just end up with totally unrestricted data running everything, because ... stuff advances. You've heard of streaming TV? The Netflix, Prime, and so many other suppliers? If the Digital TV rollout tech was based on 5G etc., you'd have a totally different ariel on your roof, that automatically became a further router for others to use, on the 5G+ Mesh that's being built currently.

Or, you could just stay on your 3G handset, waiting, waiting, waiting ...
It's is a good deal people can't be bothered to read it properly. It works 3g 4g or 2g what ever
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