500mins £5 per month @ 1p mobile

500mins £5 per month @ 1p mobile

Found 19th Mar 2017
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Voted hot, but like OP, would like some feedback. Is the company legit?
Expensive if you are a low user​. Threes data reward sim is cheaper for me.
But there again it's cheaper than a few £5 contacts and more flexible.
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Warning: You'll need to top-up a minimum of £5 per month if you want to keep it going.

From https://www.1pmobile.com/why-choose-1pmobile.taf

«You can top-up from just £5 and each top-up lasts 30 days. If you use all your top-up you can still receive calls and texts until the 30 days have finished, or you can top-up again for another 30 days of calls, texts and data.»

So really it's like a £5 month contract!

Better to have £5 plusnet for 250 mins and unlimited texts and 1gb of data at the mo in my opinion
Even if you don't use your credit lets say you use £4 they will still take the full £5 and if you don't top up within 60 days then the account is closed! Sorry op but cold for me three 321 is much better as crdit never expires and you only have to make a call every six months!
Double credit on sign up, upto £30 for £60, which can last 12 months. Seems good, but risky if the company goes bust.
just beware this is a 5 pounds subscription service not a proper pay and go deal so it may sound cheap but it's not considering pay as you usually means no minimum spend and this is £5 a month minimum spend.
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