500ml bottles of Lucozade Mixed Berry Pack Of 6 only £1 @ Heron Foods

500ml bottles of Lucozade Mixed Berry Pack Of 6 only £1 @ Heron Foods

Found 15th Jan 2013
Usually national when advertised. Picked some up today for my other halves sugar water addiction. Most places sell these for £1+ per bottle. Bargain if you can get some.
They also selling the cans of orange lucozade cans 6 for £1.50 (not so great but if you prefer orange)
And also 4 of the lucozade coke for £1 however neither of these are advertised so may only be local in mine (chelmsley wood)

For all of you who are unaware of Heron Foods they are based up north and midlands. So sorry for all who cannot get to one.
Can someone add me a pic if possible thanks.
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6 X 500ml orange £2 in asda...which is the same price for their 4 packs!
No heron for me but heat anyway!
This was on offer at this price a month or so, they also had the Lucazade Sport bottles 4 pcks for £1, great deal, I'll pop in my local tomorrow to check it out
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Wow hot!
Too bad Heron Foods is non existent where I live
Herons have had the 6 packs of orange lucozade sport drinks at £1 for a couple of weeks now (i've been buying loads) so great to see they have now got mixed berry lucozade in now too as i was going tomorrow to get some more
Thanks (_;)
What the hell is a heron foods? Lol anyway I love this flavour lucozade just wish I had one of these stores anywhere near me.
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