500ml FIZZ 4.5% Pear Cider just 59p @ Morrisons

500ml FIZZ 4.5% Pear Cider just 59p @ Morrisons

Found 21st Oct 2013
Hundreds of cans stacked at one of the isle ends in the Tydlesley store. No idea what it tastes like yet but surely worth a try at this price.
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I had this years ago in Dublin, it's not like Kopparberg or Rekorderlig, more like cheap white cider (White Lightning?). Quite bitter. Ok if you're looking to just get **** on the cheap I suppose.
59p cider called 'FIZZ'.

What age group are they marketing this at?
Doesn't taste anything like white lightning!
Has quite a nice taste to it, been this offer for a while. Got one this price last week from Morrison's
Had a taste tonight and it is nice! Similar to pear koppaberg, will be buying a few more!
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