500ml Pepsi at Wilko instore for 50p

500ml Pepsi at Wilko instore for 50p

LocalFound 12th Feb 2018
Saw this in Nottingham store, sure it is National.
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Always 2 for £1 in Poundland
Always been 50p in my local Wilko.
49p in HomeBargains; £1 for 2 bottles in Pound shops; 45p in Savers (but it doesn't have a GB sticker and tastes vile)

Looks like Wilko joing the party!
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Been this for ages
24 for £8.79 here (37p each) ...Pepsi Soft Drink 500 ml (Pack of 24) amazon.co.uk/dp/…BVW
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Heat! might benefit someone who doesn't know. Many of the Wilko drinks are 50p including Fanta, 7up and Mountain Dew. I always pop in when I need a cold drink whilst shopping.
All Pepsi, Tango, 7up 500ml bottles have been 50p for ages in Wilko stores!
Been like this for ages in Kings Lynn. . At least 12+ months
This has been 50p in Wilkos for as long as I can remember along with
Tango orange
Tango cherry
2 litres of Pepsi Max for £1.25 in the co-op.
Towner13th Feb

2 litres of Pepsi Max for £1.25 in the co-op.

People (me included) like the convenience of carrying a 500ml bottlewith us - you can't really do that with a 2 litre bottle. Well you could if you really want to get more ml for your pennies!
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