500ml pepsi (out of date stock) - 10p instore @ Poundstretcher

500ml pepsi (out of date stock) - 10p instore @ Poundstretcher

LocalFound 18th Nov 2017
In poundstrecter they are doing 500ml bottles of pepsi for just 10p l, they are out of date by 2 weeks but still good to drink.
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Can be good use for the toliet
Cheap drain cleaner thanks
Good deal for 10p. Hardly going to go off, is it?
Is this even legal?
LionelRichieFan1 h, 36 m ago

Is this even legal?

It is legal as soft drinks don’t go out of date per say, it’s a best before date. Soft drinks usually are absolutely fine over 6 months after the date easily. Cans are better however if you do plan on buying OOD drinks, hold their carbonation longer and the metal is just healthier for you to drink out of, liquids sitting in plastic for this long won’t be unless the bottle is BPA free etc.
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