500mm x 100m Roll of Bubblewrap + Free delivery £8.20 @ eBay buybubbledirect

500mm x 100m Roll of Bubblewrap + Free delivery £8.20 @ eBay buybubbledirect

Found 4th Apr 2017
This is the cheapest 500mm x 100m bubble wrap roll I could find with free delivery.


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Just what I was looking for. Thanks. Voted hot.
Good find vassy, heat added
I use a lot, great price, heat added vassy
Ordered thanks!
Ordered this last time. Sent it back due to the poor packaging.
My niece loves popping bubble wrap, this deal should last her a week to pop X)
So how do these come packaged? hopefully they are wrapped in bubble wrap, wouldn't want them bursting in transit.
Just be careful. Some of these cheap ones are so thin that it's not much different to wrapping your item in plastic sheets. You end up using so much more that it would have been cheaper to buy a decent roll in the first place.
free in Asda fruit and veg isle

also comes in nicely sized rectangles
Bwahha, I love the Asda comment... wish that worked Nice deals, got a heap at the moment, but saving this for future tips!
Thanks OP, saved me searching for the best price. Ordered 5 rolls for work. HEAT
Do you think they will bubble wrap the bubble wrap to post it?
The boss in work asked me to pop a roll of bubble wrap in the corner for him, took me 3 hours
Will this be sufficient quality to wrap large item?
For example a washing machine that will be sent by cargo ship?
Don't think the stuff I got was very high quality. suits my needs tho.. could be wrong...not used high quality stuff recently but I'd guess this stuff isn't as good. It's good enough for smaller things but maybe not a washing machine.

Could be wrong tho...I am not clear on what the proper bubble wrap is like these days, but I think this is thinner.
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