500W Modular  PSU (Silverstone Strider Silent ) £44.84 @Scan

500W Modular PSU (Silverstone Strider Silent ) £44.84 @Scan

Found 27th Oct 2009
Thought this was a nice price for a modular psu.

Add to basket from 'today only' page at very bottom under Power Supplies - Modular.

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hmm very cheap for a modular 500w, good find have some heat.

I wish I had waited around for a cheaper power supply - brought one about 3 weeks ago after trawling Scans today only for about two weeks. I got a bargain but paid a bit more than I wanted and at 800w it was bigger than I wanted but at the time there was nothing else in the frame.
Had I seen this I would have got it.
Have a few degrees...

Great price for a 500W 80+ (modular!) PSu.
Silverstone are a good brand too.
Heat & Rep !

Cheers OP, just ordered one

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thanks guys.

i've decided to buy one for a new i5 pc i'm (slowly) putting together as it should run most single gfx cards.

glad to be of help.
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