50ft Garden Flat Hose & Spray Nozzle - 7 Settings! for £10.97 delivered from livingsocial

50ft Garden Flat Hose & Spray Nozzle - 7 Settings! for £10.97 delivered from livingsocial

Found 8th May 2016
My first ever purchase for a garden hose. Not sure how good this will be but for the price I could not think twice.

If anyone bought something like this before, let me know if this is any good.

Features a spray nozzle with seven different settings!
Settings inc. mist, spray, shower, cone, vertical, centre, flat and full.
Built-in stand, reel and carry handle for easy storage and use.
The perfect tool for keeping your garden fresh, whatever the weather.

The 50-foot hose means you should have no trouble reaching every corner of your garden. What’s more, it's not a solid circular tube like most designs, prone to blockages when tangled or bent - it's made from a material weave so it flattens out when no water is flowing, making it easy to store. The hose comes complete with a wind-up reel and stand with a carry handle, so the whole thing can be picked up and moved anywhere with ease. It even has a spray nozzle with seven different settings for all your water spraying requirements. Don’t leave your garden high and dry!
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"7 settings!" sounds exciting...
I'm embarrassed to admit my nozzle only has 6 settings... that seventh (!) one just sold it for me.
These are rubbish. Cheap tat. You also have to uncoil the full length of the hose to use it. Sorry. Also cheaper elsewhere. Sorry again.
yeah bought one very similar fell to pieces on 2nd use.
Please don't buy, it is honestly absolute crud, mine broke first time using & I just threw in the bin as it wasn't fit for anything! Photos make it look so much better than it is too.
I second, third and forth the above comments. I almost used mine once....
I heard flat hoses have poor reviews. look on Amazon
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