50ml Calvin Klein cKone for £10@Boots

50ml Calvin Klein cKone for £[email protected]

Found 6th Nov 2009Made hot 6th Nov 2009
As title really, was in my local Boots today and spotted this, cKone 50ml for £10, I thought it was a decent price for a nice little Xmas pressie/stocking filler.

"ckone is a naturally clean, pure and contemporary fragrance with a liberating point of view. The top notes are bright and effervescent, a combination of Bergamot, Cardamom, fresh Pineapple and Papaya. The middle notes contain a special aromatic formulation derived from Jasmine, Violet, Rose and Nutmeg. In the base, two new Musks combined with Amber create a sensuous dry down completing the effect of fullness and warmth. A Green Tea accord travels from top to bottom balancing brightness with sensuality."

Apologies if double posted, couldn't see it elsewhere.


Have to check it out.

many thanks just ordered 2 .

hot. classic smell

Sure this is a re-post. Saw it the other day.

male and female?

if so great stuff just run out of mine, i love it!

Heated - Good deal!


Sure this is a re-post. Saw it the other day.

It is, touch of pink is on offer too.

saw this in middlesbrough store on wednesday but you also got the deoderant spray free!


It is, touch of pink is on offer too.

where please?


male and female?

That was part of it's commerical appeal; it was for both men and women...... One!

I still buy this stuff.


great scent, Lever Bros finest hour IMO, super price..:thumbsup:

Quite like this, sweet smell

Classic. Love this scent.

lovely perfume, but 50ml is to small for me, i always by my perfume in 100mls from duty free when i travel, i make sure i stock up with classics like this, lacost, Giorgio Amrani Acqua di Gio, Ralph Lauren Blue, and my sweet classics Valentino and Angel! just picked up that 200ml gift pack Givinchy Perfume and aftershave from hukd (wilkinsons) for £27, very nice sweet smell!

would not want another bottle of this if it was free. Smell is Ok though.
my husband bought me a 100ml bottle of this from Boots many xmas ago when it was the "in" perfume to have.
to this day I have barely touched it. simple because the "Spray" does not work properly on it. You can spray it once or twice if you are lucky but that is it. I took it back to boots (with the receipt) expecting them to change it but all they said was that the bit you press to spray was not like normal perfumes and worked off a vacume or some such thing. Told me to run it under hot water. all in all not used the perfume, its just a pain in the ****. If they have changed the "Spray" method all well and good, it they have not, well a really crappy idea.

its £15 at my boots in ashford
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