50p Music Download Sale at 24Ace The Music Shack
50p Music Download Sale at 24Ace The Music Shack

50p Music Download Sale at 24Ace The Music Shack

The Music Shack at 24Ace has a sale on music downloads right now. All individual tracks are only 50p and albums start at just £5.99.

Never downloaded before? Follow the step by step guide on the website. Sale ends on the 21st January!

Some Examples: Leona Lewis A Moment Like This # Mika Grace Kelly # Take That Patience # Jojo Too Little, Too Late # Akon Smack That # The View Same Jeans # P. Diddy Tell Me featuring Christina... # U2 Window In The Skies # Nelly Furtado All Good Things (Come... # Klaxons Golden Skans


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^^^ Nice collage Ray

[COLOR=black][SIZE=2]Good find, But i am a big fan of this site![/SIZE][/COLOR]
[COLOR=black][SIZE=2]Works out at about $2(£1.01) per album of 10 to 15c( 7p ) per track ( totally legal site and i have used it for years ) plus if credit your account with $29.95 you get another $10 credit free ! the only draw back is that you have to down load a album 1 track at a time instead of the who album in one hit and the latest albums take about 2 to 4 weeks to be added.[/SIZE][/COLOR]
[COLOR=black][SIZE=2]and if anyone is feeling generous follow this link to open a new account and every time you credit your account they give me a bonus[/SIZE][/COLOR]


I didn't think any of these Russian sites were legal?

yeah they featured on BBC news last year - I think it was a different site but similar thing. Basically they claimed to be legal through some loophole but I think they are still not legal.

The Russian websites (allofmp3.com is the most famous) fully comply with current Russian law and so, much to the frustration of RIAA, they are legal. However, whether purchasing songs for use in the UK or other countries is up for debate and as far as I'm aware it is not.

I've removed the link to the Russian site as I am dubious about the legality.

Ace Music Shack seems pretty good, but what is the DRM like? The files are .wma, and I'd want to put them into iTunes, which converts them to MP3 automatically. Only, if they're all DRM'ed up, that won't be possible, so I won't be able to get the tracks on my iPod. Which would be a shame, as they've got a Shonen Knife B-sides collection I badly need! Anyone?

Actually, from their FAQ:

"Can I play my music on a portable player?
Yes, although your Digital Music Player must be DRM (Digital Rights Management) compatible. Please refer to the instructions supplied with your player for further information. Please note this service is not compatible with Apple Ipod ®."

Ah knackers. Oh well.

The legality of these Russian MP3 download sites is very much up for debate - they are totally legal in Russia, due to the ****ed copyright laws, but no one is 100% on the legality over here. Basically, if you bought from them, you're unlikely to be sued, as there is so much debate over the legality. So.. its pretty safe, but I guess it comes down to a morality issue - no one but that site will see any of your money, whereas with iTunes etc. the artist is actually still making money from it (even thought the ******* record companies take most..).

Don't want to go too far off topic but as Jackus says, the money from these Russian sites isn't going to the artist. Not that the artists sees much of the money from an iTunes download! The record company gets somewhere in the region of 70 cents per track (not sure on UK figures) but the artists cut is much lower relative to that of a CD. If you want to support the artist buy the CD and go see them on tour where they get the best slice of the pie.
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