50p off Starbucks throughout January
50p off Starbucks throughout January

50p off Starbucks throughout January

I couldn't see this posted anywhere so I hope it helps a fellow coffee addict!

I have a Starbucks loyalty card and have just received a book of vouchers for 50p off the drink of my choice throughout January (each voucher is dated from 4-31 Jan).

BUT in my local Starbucks they had a stash of the booklets right by the till - and when I popped in for a coffee they gave me a couple. So it's well worth asking in your local if you don't get one through the post.

Here's the details:

"To ease you into the New Year, enjoy using these 50p off vouchers to create your perfect beverage every day from 4th until the end of this January.

And, of course, you still get your free extras when you pay with your registered Starbucks Card."

So, it can be used in combination with the usual loyalty card perks - which could make for a real bargain!

The only exclusion is that it can't be used with filter coffee (which is a shame, because it could have got the cost for that down to 25p!!!).

Don't forget - Starbucks will also give you a free filter coffee refill on any coffee you have, AND take 25p off the price if you use your own tumbler.


Got my booklet too. You have to be a Starbucks card holder though (pick-up for free in any Starbucks). Good deal!
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Good trick from Star Bucks there. They know people will try and cut them out for new year so they tempt us addicts back in with money off! Why oh why are they so clever!! heat begrudgingly Added.

You don't need to be a card holder. They gave me a booklet this morning with my cuppity.
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