50p printable voucher for tropicana go
50p printable voucher for tropicana go

50p printable voucher for tropicana go

Tropicana Go! is a blend of 70% juice + 30% water & natural flavours.

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Thanks Gaia

Tesco is already running a promo on Tropica large..

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Think this is only for their new kids drink. Still it is just water and juice so beats the pants off fruit shoots!

Can never get these to print!

Thanks :thumbsup:

Can't get the voucher to print - apparently the web page has expired

thanks - just printed one voucher!

last time i tried this asda wouldnt accept it. not worth the hassle.

Think Morrisons should accept it.

I remember the last time we had the lucozade vouchers and they worked fine there!

Give this stuff to your kids and watch em go hypo...nasty this stuff still to many additives in this stuff for my liking...;-)

Any ideas whether there's still a way to print off another voucher for this?
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