50p -- Return Bus Fares Across the UK on Megabus

50p -- Return Bus Fares Across the UK on Megabus

Found 3rd Jan 2009Made hot 5th Jan 2010
Note that this is not the same deal as previously posted as also now inc destinations apart from London. Hope it helps someone.

megabus has released a number of FREE seats for travel between popular UK cities in February and March.

Weve scoured the site and can genuinely report that the following fares are available for just 50p, return (which covers the online booking fee).

London to/from Cardiff
London to/from Sheffield
London to/from Birmingham
Manchester to/from Birmingham
Manchester to/from Newcastle
Manchester to/from Oxford
Birmingham to/from Leeds
Leeds to/from Southampton
Availability is limited to midweek travel (Monday-Thursday) in February and March.


Rubbish........nasty bus service and can never get the cheap prices

This is an awesome deal if you're certain about your travel times and can book far in advance. I recently checked the bus fare from Glasgow to London in March and it was £7 return!!!

The downside is that it takes around 9 hours :-(

I find Megabus better than National Express when unable to go by train. No toilet though if I recall. You can pretty much always get £1 tickets if you book in advance.

not the best coaches compared to national express but the journey times are defintely not as long !


Rubbish........nasty bus service and can never get the cheap prices

Some people would sl*g a bargain even if it was free
try walking see if thats better !!!

good post

megabus gets you where you want to be so a good deal compared to the cost of other travel fares

good deal to get you back to uni after holidays!

Was on the checkout screen, then the site when down for maintenance


used these over xmas £8 london to leeds as the train was around £40 after i missed the cheap 1 i booked for £11.......

this was my first time using a coach service within this country and have to say it wasnt that bad if you can stand 5.5 hours on a cramped coach,it was about an hour over the advertised 4.5 hours due to delays......getting out of london took nearly an hour in itself. the coach was brand new 09 reg but a cheapo no luxury thing and they only made 1 stop in sheffield to pick up... with no getting off, so make sure you take some grub....luckily i had pret in my bag but there were a few loud rumbles i could hear behind me from those who thought we'd be stopping:)

all in all i can say i will pay the premium for the train the next time but thats a personal preference but if you are on a budget it aint that bad, i had the 2 seats to myself

oh yeah and there are toilets:) or a toilet although i never used it

Beggars belief that some people still mourn about something when this is absolutely very cheap & free if you can fit around their scheduled timetable. What do you expect for a return bus fare at this price? How much is it for petrol/diesel per litre these days? Let alone the distance to travel to & from.

If you want flexibility whenever you want to travel then expect to pay for it during peak/off-peak times. Try running a car & see how much does it cost to run in a year. It's what I pay for freedom & flexibility to drive when/where I need to & not relying on the timetable of public transport breaking down or cancelled. Plus you don't have to listen to some people's music players blasting very loud music from a long-gone generation music band or smell their really bad body-odour. Call them, "]Bus W&nkers".

BusW&nkers - Perjorative term used to describe w&nkers that take buses, generally shouted out of a car window while driving past. This word came from a Channel 4 program "the inbetweeners".
"I might be a bus w&nker, but at least I don't drive that gay yellow car"


I once went on one of those coach trips to Disneyland when i was younger and it put me off coaches for life.
Pay the extra and catch the train, at least you can stretch your legs, have a coffee and have a sneaky cig out the window.

Saying that I would use a coach if it was an overnighter where you just sleep.

But as always these deals aren't in the South West

How to get to the page showing the free/50p tickets? I tried but no luck? Tia


How to get to the page showing the free/50p tickets? I tried but no luck? … How to get to the page showing the free/50p tickets? I tried but no luck? Tia

It's a 50p booking fee on every order you place. The free tickets are dotted around the site, you have to search for them. It's far more likely though you'll find a ticket for £1. There are plenty of those if you book far enough in advance.

For the person who said there are no toilets on these buses, that is not true at all. All the ones I've been on have toilets.

megabus is fine if you are not in a hurry - but in scotland no heating, sometimes no toilets, i don't use them but bargain if you don't mind

They don't have toilets on the Scottish buses? I guess if you need to take a ****, just **** on the floor it will soon freeze anyway.

I hate coaches with a passion, id rather pay £100 first class on a train than 50p on a coach


They have some great train deals for anyone who is not up for an epic road trip. I found Brum to London return for £3 per person plus the 50p booking fee in Feb - now that is hot!

The seats are designed to be as uncomfortable as possible.

Years ago you had big padded comfy seats but these little straight back plastic thingies are horrible.

They will even upgrade your tickets for £5 to first class on a weekend IF you ask the guy on the train nicely

* obviously for megatrain, which this also applies to!
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