50p voucher when you 'Recommend A Friend' to Play.com

50p voucher when you 'Recommend A Friend' to Play.com

Found 2nd Nov 2009
Found this today hiding at the bottom of their site:

Earn a discount voucher for every friend you recommend to Play.com

Your Reward
As a loyal Play.com customer we'd like to give you a reward for every friend you introduce to Play.com

Recommend us to friends, relatives or work colleagues and we will send you and the people you recommend Play.com discount vouchers.

You can refer as many people as you like. For every person who creates an account, they will receive a discount voucher. Once we have posted their first purchase, your discount voucher will be on its way to you!

How does it work?
All you have to do is click on the "Recommend a friend" button and log on to your account.
Enter the names and email addresses of the people you wish to invite and we'll do the rest.
Your friends are under no obligation. We will provide them with details of how to register with Play.com and they can take advantage of the discount in their own time.


seems a bit stingy - your friends will think you're a real scrubber

Shame they dont have an email link like topcashback that you can just mail to people. 50p Woo hoo. Sign up a few friends and share a bag of chips with them!

Anything on play that costs less than 50p?

They have to make a purchase as well before you get your 0.50p rubbish deal no wonder it was hiding at the bottom of the page.

I wont be giving play my mates email addresses for the chance of 50 pence esp without asking them if they would like some more junk mail. But perhaps some of them may just lveo the idea and I can go halves with them and split the 50p.

The deal is better than nothing. But yeah 50p is peanuts, i've saved like a hundred times that from the RAC code which seems to have been stopped though.

Who doesn't know who Play.com is ??.................. so 50p is really taking the **.
Why not give us 50p for being a loyal customer!!!..........:thumbsup:


swear this used to be a pound, never bothered with it then either have to say! Personally I think the £1 at shopto is much better!

Shopto.net is £1, this is pap

50p is a bit stingy, and i don't know anyone who doesn't already have an account with play other than my grandma

lol tight ****

It is a bit cheap but surely its better than nothing. I wouldn't say no to 50p off my next purchase, it all helps!!

50p??! I thought I was tight! :?

sounds like free money off coupons to me. hot
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