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50W Portable Telescopic Wind Turbine Generator for Camping ect. £149.99 Tesco.com
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50W Portable Telescopic Wind Turbine Generator for Camping ect. £149.99 Tesco.com

Posted 4th Jul 2012

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

Great Idea can be used for loads of things- camping, boating, days out..
Cost a bit will last a good few years

From Tesco.com but they use Maplins ! lol, so from Maplins also at same price

Ideal for motor homes camping marine and outdoor use Compact design with no spinning blades No mounting hardware required Not sensitive to wind direction Effective with wind speed of 8 - 10ms Includes 2m cables with alligator clips Does not need a separate charge controller Conventional wind generators have the disadvantage that they occupy a lot of space with their spinning blades and large poles. This vertical axis generator solves the problem this by taking up much less space. It can be mounted on a boat mobile home caravan or small building. It is also more suitable for areas where the wind direction changes as they dont need to be pointed in the wind direction to work. The telescopic design means you can fold the generator to half its length when not in use or when there are high wind speeds and an LED display give you a readout of output voltage so you know when its working effectively. Cables mounting bars and a strong magnetic base are included so this is a complete portable wind generator solution for camping boating fishing etc. There is no need to use a charge controller when charging the battery. The battery can be connected directly to the battery terminal of the Wind generator for charging. When the battery is fully charged the generator will automatically cut off the power to battery and the display will go out.
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2.5% cashback, £10 off voucher,Paypal and free delivery at Maplins ..............

nett : £136.50 + free delivery.


So this is going to power a standard lightbulb if your lucky?

So this is going to power a standard lightbulb if your lucky?

No, the battery you charge with it will be powering your lightbulb.
Could put it near the con-dem government, the amount of wind they are spouting would power Alton Towers with this bad boy!
read the reviews on this, they are appauling, the thing doesnt work at all, its a good idea but as with most things if you stick the words camping or caravanning many a fool willl be easily parted with their cash, dont buy!!! cold cold cold
This needs a sustained windspeed of 20 MPH or more to work (see where it says Effective with wind speed of .. ) So that doesn't mean the occasional gust, it means high winds for hours on end. I've just checked the Met Office stats for where I live in the SouthEast. Out of 60,000 hourly data points, there have only been 122 with an average windspeed of more than 20 MPH.
I reckon this would be even more useless than a solar panel as a source of "alternate" power.
a solar panel does work! but dont expect a 4 inch x 12 inch to power your caravan, you need something of at least 100w to keep up with just powering lights and water pump.anyone who thinks a solar panel will run a hairdryer wants to give their head a good shake!
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a solar panel does work!

I tried a 100W solar panel. It was winter, a perfectly clear sunny day. At that time I got 6 Watts from it. When it was cloudy (most of the time) it was much, much worse and at night (very long nights during the winter - 16 hours) it produced nothing at all - no surprise there!. In an entire winter's week I reckon I didn't get more than 50 Watt*hours out of my 100W panel. I sent it back under the DSR and the vendor didn't say a word, not a squeak.

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Well my solar panels are working very well today lol! thank you government for the feed in tariffs!
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