5.1 Home Theatre Speaker System (Black) Neutac - £18.98 delivered
5.1 Home Theatre Speaker System (Black) Neutac - £18.98 delivered

5.1 Home Theatre Speaker System (Black) Neutac - £18.98 delivered

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This Neutac 5.1 Home Theatre System avilable in black or silver for is just £17.99 + £5.99 delivery at Savapoint. To get an extra £5 off this price use promotional code: SAV20060707

Key Features: Powerful Subwoofer with 30W RMS, 5 speakers to offer high quality surround sound, Stylish Black Design, Features built-in amplifier, Independent control tower, Wall mountable rear satellites, Compatible with DVD, PC, CD, MP3, etc, Excellent 5.1 surround sound performance


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* PMPO: 1000 Watts
* Woofer Driver Unit: 3"4 woofer
* Woofer Frequency Range: 30Hz-300Hz
* Satellites Frequency Range: 20Hz-200KHz
* 3 Output Options: 2.0 / 2.1 / 5.1
* Voltage: AC 230V
* Control: Power On/Off, LED, Master Volume, Surround, Centre, Woofer
* Output: 2.0 channel, 2.1 channel, 5.1 channel
* All cable inclusive
* Magnetic shielded

Speaker Specifications:

* Main Unit: 30W (150 x 170 x 171 mm)
* Centre: 8W (90 x 105 x 84 mm)
* Front: 4W x 2 (90 x 105 x 84 mm)
* Rear: 4W x 2 (80 x 95 x 68 mm)

Thanks to unclecuddles for the pointer!

Here's the silver version:


Hi guys

Interested in the speakers but am a complete newbie when it comes to audio setups and the like.

So I have a question - Can I hook these up to my home DVD player, which hooks in to my TV and then get the sound of the movie out of these speakers rather than the TV?


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Hi Telly ... big welcome to hukd's! :-D

I'm not too clued up on things like this either, but there are a lot of people who are, hopefully they'll be able t give you some info/advice

IN accessories it lists the following cables:

3 3.5mm to 3 3.5mm cables RCA
3 3.5mm to 1 3.5mm cable

So if your computer only has one jack for audio output, you can use the second.. but you won't get 5.1 sound surround. But if you have an audio card that has 3 output holes, then you can use the first cable and get 5.1 sound.

My question is... I have a mac that does optical output (Mac Mini). Does that mean that if I get the right cables, I can output 5.1 sound to these speakers? And what kind of equipment do I need?

I'm not too sure these would be very good for TV. The 1000w PMPO quoted is for Peak Music Power Output and the rating you want to go by, is RMS for true HiFi measurement of wattage. In the first post, it states 30w RMS subwoofer, I think that's probably the system total RMS and the price reflects this.

I could be wrong though, so any feedback is helpful...

I don't think you'll be able to rig them upto your mac via optical. They don't look like they have it. Normally you have to get quite an enxpensive set to have that capability.

You'll be able to use the 3.5mm jack tho presumably on your mac.

d'oh too late, needed some speakers, but that code for the extra fiver off has expired. Any one got a newer code?

system is 54watts rms in total

Welcome to HotUKDeals Traveller

Thanks for the RMS rating Chris206

SAV20060707 - Promocode has now expired.

This eventually arrived today and I have to say that I'm less than impressed. The quality of sound produced by the speakers is terrible and they emit a constant hiss. Here's a tip, don't waste your money on these.

Mine are going back.

thanks for letting us know....but i guess you get what you pay for
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