512mb Radeon 4870 pci-express graphics card £99.99 (possibly £94.99 w/voucher) @ play.com
512mb Radeon 4870 pci-express graphics card £99.99 (possibly £94.99 w/voucher) @ play.com

512mb Radeon 4870 pci-express graphics card £99.99 (possibly £94.99 w/voucher) @ play.com

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seems like a good price for a very fast card! yes i know the new dx11 cards are out but this is actual slighyly faster than its driect rival (radeon 5770) and about £20+ cheaper at this price. it may not be the winner in the long term but if ur just looking for fps or another 4870 to crossfire then this is a great buy!
i havn't seen it at this price since it was just leaving the shelves and then it was only a few £s cheaper for a version with a far worse cooler (this one vents air out of the case) so this seems a great buy for anybody looking for it :)!
mybe u could use 1 of the voucher to get a fiver off
hope this helps :)!



This card is very good. Heat added.

Great card but this ones only 512mb the 1gb is only £1 more + p&p at pixmania.co.uk

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1gb for few quid … 1gb for few quid more?http://www.pixmania.co.uk/uk/uk/3703101/art/sapphire-technology/radeon-hd-4870-1-gb-gddr5.html?srcid=867http://www.alliedsdirect.com/computing/component/graphics-card/sapphire-technology-radeon-hd-4870-1-gb-gddr5-pci-express-2-0--cg-211e-dvi-male-vga-female-adapter.html

they are great deals also :thumbsup:! this 512mb version is useful for crossfiring with another 512mb because 1gb wouldnt be needed or if u have a lower resolution. i would say 512mb would be fine at 1680 x 1050 but maybe if u game at 1920x1080 or above then maybe 1gb would be better but only marginaly. i would rather save a few £ and get it from a better retailer and go for this version :thumbsup:

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tell me bout it ;)! if my bro had the power supply to handle it id be far more tempted. right now im more in the market for 4650/4670 tho until i build my new pc xmas time :D. by then a 5850 will be this price anyway :)!
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