540 plug plants for £19.99 delivered! @ Sutton seeds + 6% Quidco

540 plug plants for £19.99 delivered! @ Sutton seeds + 6% Quidco

Found 9th May 2014
This was previously posted at £40!

This is a crazy price for 540 plug plants! add to basket then use code MAYSAVE14 - Delivery in May

Our mammoth collection provides you with 540 healthy plants of some of our most popular bedding plants (featuring at least 9 varieties from the following selection, each variety will be in packs of 45 - 12 packs in total). This has to be the most economical way to fill even large beds, baskets and containers with colour. Varieties will be individually labelled.
Begonia Ambassador Mix - Unlike President, Ambassador produces plants which all have rich green foliage. Very striking! Height 20cm (8").
Begonia President Mix - A good range of flower colours, some plants having fresh green leaves and others boasting deep bronze leaves. Height 20cm (8").
Cineraria Silverdust - A popular foliage item that is compact and uniform in growth, and makes the perfect foil for strong or pastel colours. Height 15-20cm (6-8").
Gazania Daybreak Mix - Large blooms, in a range of bright shades, are held on sturdy stems above glossy green foliage. Height 25-30cm (10-12").
Impatiens Select Mix - A large-flowered mixture which grows vigorously, comes into flower quickly and blooms profusely in sun or shade. Height 20cm (8").
Lobelia Cascade Mix - A free-flowering mixture, for baskets, containers or even as groundcover. Note that each plug contains approximately 3-4 seedlings. Trailing.
Antirrhinum F1 Kim Mix - An excellent dwarf, compact, well branching habit with blooms in a dazzling array of colours. Height 25cm (10").
Salvia Firecracker - This early flowering variety produces densely packed flower spikes, and deep green foliage. Height 25cm (10").
Petunia F1 Select Mix - A weather-resistant multiflora variety, in a wide range of colours producing a carpet of flowers. Height 23-30cm (9-12").
Petunia F1 Duo Double Mix - Carnation-like double blooms up to 13cm (5") across, that stand up well to inclement weather. Height 30cm (12").
Nicotiana F1 Perfume Mix - A bedding nicotiana with a full colour range and beautiful scent, that will bloom for months. Height 35-40cm (14-16").
Stock Sugar & Spice - A first-class bedding stock. Good proportion of double flowers. Delicious sweet fragrance. Height 20-25cm (8-10").
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blooming hot!

(It's actually hit home. I am a dad!)
Nice one.
Are these all annuals?

Are these all annuals?

No. Flowers.
these cant be actual plug plants. must be micro plus. even then its a good deal!!
Thanks. Ordered

Are these all annuals?

Most of them. But Nicotina might come back from seeds and stock can last a few years. Antirrhinum can come back quite easily - Just tip the seeds onto the soil. I am speaking as someone from the south. Up north could be another story. Most are annuals.
Link to deal doesnt show £20 offer?
Whereis this deal??? Cheapest is £34.99!
No more. Should be expired.
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