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Energizer Rechargeable Batteries AA, Recharge Power Plus, Pack of 4 £5.44 at Amazon Prime / £9.93 Non Prime
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Energizer Rechargeable Batteries AA, Recharge Power Plus, Pack of 4 £5.44 at Amazon Prime / £9.93 Non Prime

Posted 3rd Apr

This deal is expired. Here are some options that might interest you:

£5.44, limited time deal at Amazon +(£4.99 NonPrime)

4-pack of Energizer Recharge Power Plus 2000 mAh NiMH
Up to 5-year usable battery life under typical usage patterns. Long-lasting power for digital camera
Energizer Recharge Power Plus batteries come pre-charged and ready to go
Each battery can be charged up to 1,000 times, with a charge that can last up to 12 months in storage
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Thanks for the heads up op . Heat 🔥
Skips8603/04/2020 12:05


You are welcome, I just ordered 2 x myself. Kids are using up disposable batteries in their toys and I couldn't sit by and watch that carnage...
Varta Rechargeable from Screwfix are slightly cheaper (subjective based on quality) but extra £.44 to avoid going out is well worth.
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They are on ebay for this price most of the time but nice with prime.
Have some heat just ordered
Nothing against this deal. I have about 100 rechargeable batteries, different brands. The only ones not working anymore are the Energizer, 7 out of 8 dead, and some Fuji ones. These ones didnt last more than a year/10 charges. The rest of my batteries including Duracell, Varta, Lidl, Kodak, Philips are all ok. I believe Varta are better value and based on my experience, way better quality. If I find some cheap rechargeable I will buy, but Energizer is top of my list to avoid.

Even the alkaline Energizer were rated the worse on TV in comparison with some unknown/supermarket brands.

They used to make good batteries, they are either cutting corners or the other brands moved on making better products. I use fast charger and that may reduce the lifespan, however the other brands I have seems not affected yet.

Not voting, as the price is good, but my experience with them is not so good.
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These are worst of the worst, unfortunately. All but one still in good working order of 12 I have..and used just for over a year...
And they have been Best Buy on Which?...Avoid them, rubbish!
Yep, complete crap indeed. Bought same ones 3 years ago, also Tronic ones. So all Energizer ones won't take more than 90mAh, where all Tronic goes strong with same usage.
Heat and thanks been using energizer rechargeables for years with an energizer 1 hour hour fast charger and all still working although looking tatty to say the least so probably not the safest condition to be in. These will do great for the price.
I got the duracell earlier this week, as I was put off by some energizer reviews.
Let's see if it was worth it.

eneloops have gone up stupidly in price.

But I've had positive experience with them over the last couple of years.

All the Energiser AA I had are no longer any good. Trickle charged since they were first used. They now go flat after a few weeks storage.
That's really good deal. I've paid £6.39 for these 2000mAh NiMH with MyMemory before and that was with discount code.
I have got these exact batteries for my xbox since i think 2015 and been for 5 years non stop usage and still going super strong.

Highly recommended
Bought thanks
Ordered thabjs
Ordered a pack. I'll be adding the old ones to the transparent recycle bin next time I'm allowed in the supermarket.
Have some heat fine fellow.
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Arrived today when it said estimated Tuesday
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