5.5w (=35w) LED GU10 bulb - ASDA £2 each clearance, store specific?

5.5w (=35w) LED GU10 bulb - ASDA £2 each clearance, store specific?

Found 19th Apr 2012
Found a box of these bulbs on the end of an aisle at Worsborough Asda. Probably a store specific clearance line.

Were £3 each apparently, now £2.

Not a massive bargain in itself - although 33% off isn't bad.

However, I was considering some 3 watt LED bulbs from Costco earlier this week, which were £15 for a pack of TWO !!! These are 5.5 watt, but compared to the 6 x 50w GU10s in my kitchen they're still a massive energy saving. Is it worth paying an extra £5 per bulb to save 2.5 watts? #rhetorical
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not really a deal to write home about
Its cheap i remember paying over 7 pounds for one
I got some crystal branded 1w GU10's from Tesco reduced from £10 to £3. I thought that was good.
This would have saved me £15!

not really a deal to write home about

DOn't you just love people who have NO idea about what thet are saying!

Very good price for 5.5w LED bulbs op, I pay up to £6 for each of mine, will try these instead.
I paid £5.99 at Lidl a while back and thought that was good for and spent £72.00 on 12 this would have saved me a £48.00
Heat n rep from me.
This is hot!

If you change your 35Wto a 5.5W you would save 29.5W. Multiply this by the number of hours you use the bulb a day (say 6 hours) and the number of days in a year you would save 64.6kWh a year. At say 14p/kWh that is £9 saving per bulb changed., so you could recover your outlay within 3 months of installing this bulb.

Whether if this bulb generates a comparable light to a 35W halogen is another matter and you would probably have a better chance of that if you bought a more expensive Philips led equivalent, but no harm in trying if only for £2.
Trust me this is a hot deal
My shop sells Dimable LEDs GU10s for £15 each
Very good price but check the overall depth if you plan to replace downlighters in your ceiling.

You can get away with lights 53mm deep but quite a few of the led's are 58mm deep and won't fit
Im off to ASDA later today. That is a good deal.
Great deal... even at the original £3 thats still a massive saving... HOT!

not really a deal to write home about

I think you are mistaking these for the regular halogen bulbs... not LEDs
Looks like a brilliant deal! Check the length - 5.5watt should be longer than normal GU10s and if so won't fit all GU10 fittings. If they're standard GU10 length their life will be shortened from the usual 50,000 hours to something more like 25/30,000 hours but at this price I wouldn't lose sleep over that. Also, true 'warm white' should be around 2700k but 'warm white' led GU10 replacements all tend to be 3000k. In my experience 3000k is on the cool side but again, not enough to lose sleep over given the dramatic energy saving.
It depends massively on the quality of the LED used in the lights. I have tried a number of lights before finally finding ones which were good enough to replace the GU10s in my kitchen.
I've never seen non-SMD (SMD=lots of LED emitters) with good light output that is the same length as halogen GU10...
Try one before committing to a lot of them!

Not voting either way, as doubt it is nationwide
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