576 Cards for £25 (Online) @ The Works

576 Cards for £25 (Online) @ The Works

Found 11th Oct
What a time to be alive! Will they be beautiful hand crafted miniature pieces of art? Nah, probably not. But they will be just fine for when you forget about your neighbour birthday or if your kid wants something for a friend. This is mix and match instore only.

Also spotted the ridiculous 576 cards for £25. I don’t think I’ve ever met that many people but very handy but I’m sure there will be many duplicates. This seems to be online only.

Image from the site, they don’t look too bad to be honest

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I've posted these before on a website as Free cards, whilst selling overpriced cheap watches and chocolates for gifts, some people will buy anything if they think they're getting something for nothing with it.
andywedge1 m ago

Hi @Ilikehotdeals1 the 20 for £1 offer has already been posted here …Hi @Ilikehotdeals1 the 20 for £1 offer has already been posted here https://www.hotukdeals.com/deals/20-birthday-cards-at-the-works-for-just-100-3060415

Oh ffs I searched 3 different things without results and as usual no matches. Please talk to the powers that be about fixing the search function! Thanks Andy x
576 cards will be itemised as below:

48 x Blank "Just To Say"
24 x His birthday
216 x Her birthday
60 x Boys birthday
60 x Child's birthday
96 x Birthday for all
72 x Girls birthday
Ideal for the work "it's Sandra's birthday, do you want to sign her card?" envelope that seems to be constantly being passed around the office.
48 different cards.
12 of each.
There is another set on the website with slightly different content

you going to the toilet? ok cool imma write you a card ok? i got loadsssssssssssss
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