580W XPower Light ATX PSU   £32.98 delivered @ Maplin

580W XPower Light ATX PSU £32.98 delivered @ Maplin

Found 30th Jan 2009
Just went instore and found this top spec PSU reduced from £49.99 to £29.99.
Will support high end PCI graphic cards and Quad core Systems.
Quidco available too!


* High effciency 580W power supply
* Supports the latest specifications of ATX12V and EPS12V
* Supports systems with multi-core CPU technologies
* Features ''Super Silent & Ultra Cool'' thermal-control
* 12cm blue LED cooling fan
* Ultra-quiet technology for very low noise operation and optimal cooling design for the gamer ( * Honeycomb ventilation design ensures maximum airflow
* Duel PCI-Express connectors support multiple high-end GPU graphics cards (SLi)
* Independent output circuitry for each voltage output, overcomes the limitations of traditional combined output designs
* Over-Voltage Protection (OVP)
* Over Power Protection (OPP)
* Short-Circuit Protection (SCP)


1 x Universal 24 pin(20 + 4 pin) Main ATX Power Connector, 1 x 4 pin +12V Power Connector, 4 x 4 pin (for HDD, CD-ROM etc), 1 x Floppy Connector (4 pin), 3 x Serial ATA Power Connector, 2 x 4 pin Molex to 6 pin PCI-Express Adaptor, 1 x 4 Pin Molex to 8(4 + 4) pin +12V Power Adaptor


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Free delivery over £35

This is the only other place I can see listing them x-case.co.uk/c/1…tml [at £10 more though OOS] and this would appear to be the website compucase-hec.co.uk/psu…htm

And if you click on the 'Where to Buy' link it seems that only Maplins are listed as the sole reseller for this model....

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how good are these?

Running my Q9550 quad core system no problems. if that helps :thumbsup:

To me this sounds like a mid range PSU - it only outputs a maximum of 30A across its "three" 12v rails (maximum watts across the 12v is 360 according to the specs on the link above - so 360w/12v = 30A), and with todays PCs the 12v Amperage is generally more important than the watts.

As a comparison the corsair 400cx corsair.com/pro…spx also produces 30A on its 12v rail.

The other difference you will most likely find is the corsair can output a constant 400W and probably peaks at 450-500W, whereas this is likely to have a peak of 580W (you generally find higher end PSUmanufacturers rate their PSUs at their constant and lower end PSU manufacturers rate their PSUs at their peak.

This is always a good little vid to show people about PSUs corsair.com/cin…747

I'd say that this is about the correct money for the PSU rather than being a hot-deal.
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spec seems good but i would fear with maplins mark-ups this is a scooby rather than a aston, so no ote from me either soz

I bought one. Does the job and is nice a quiet as my original PSU's fan was begining to make some suspect noises. Would recommend.

Nice, I was looking for an inexpensive replacement PSU for my parent's older computer which exploded this morning. £30 will do nicely and is even a slight upgrade from the 500W they were using.

For anyone operating a computer built in the last couple of years I wouldn't recommend this PSU. I'd go for a 700W+ because newer machines (with all the things we run on them) tend to be more power hungry. It's safer to buy more wattage than you think you need too.
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