£58pp - Paris by Eurostar Day Trips - Remaining Available Day Trip Dates

£58pp - Paris by Eurostar Day Trips - Remaining Available Day Trip Dates

Found 11th Sep 2017
I have way too much time on my hands apparently, so I've gone through and found the dates where you can still take a £58 return day trip to Paris! This is available for solo travellers as well as couples/groups but availability is heavily limited. Hopefully this saves people a lot of time searching through the Eurostar system, as well as saving money on the trip itself!

All dates listed below are the ones available for £58 return that gives you a minimum of 5 hours 45 minutes in Paris. Times listed are the ones that give you the longest amount of time in Paris; Other times may be available on select dates)

Available Dates (Times are Departing from St Pancras/Gare du Nord - Arriving at Gare du Nord/St Pancras):

Tues Oct 17 - (Outbound 05:40 - 09:17; Inbound 21:13 - 22:39)

Mon Nov 6 - (Outbound 05:40 - 09:17; Inbound 21:13 - 22:39)

Tues Nov 7 - (Outbound 07:01 - 10:17, Inbound 21:13 - 22:39)

Thur Nov 9 - (Outbound 05:40 - 09:17; Inbound 15:13 - 16:39)

Mon Nov 13 - (Outbound 05:40 - 09:17; Inbound 17:13 - 18:32)

Tues Nov 14 - (Outbound 07:55 - 11:17; Inbound 20:13 - 21:39)

Wed Nov 15 - (Outbound 07:55 - 11:17; Inbound 21:13 - 22:39)

Mon Nov 20 - (Outbound 05:40 - 09:17; Inbound 21:13 - 22:39)

Tues Nov 21 - (Outbound 09:24 - 12:47; Inbound 21:13 - 22:39)

Wed Nov 22 - (Outbound 07:01 - 10:17; Inbound 21:13 - 22:39)

Mon Nov 27 - (Outbound 07:01 - 10:17; Inbound 20:13 - 21:39)

Tues Nov 28 - (Outbound 07:01 - 10:17; Inbound 21:13 - 22:39)

Wed Nov 29 - (Outbound 05:40 - 09:17; Inbound 21:13 - 22:39)

Thur Nov 30 - (Outbound 05:40 - 09:17; Inbound 18:13 - 19:39)

Tues Dec 5 - (Outbound 05:40 - 09:17; Inbound 21:13 - 22:39)

Wed Dec 6 - (Outbound 05:40 - 09:17; Inbound 21:13 - 22:39)

Thur Dec 7 - (Outbound 05:40 - 09:17; Inbound 21:13 - 22:39)

I hope this helps everyone!
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5* on all the effort put into this post. Thank you
Thanks for doing this!
Nice price only down side it will cost more to get to London than the London/ Paris bit, gotta love uk rail pricing maybe if I go via 100 different places I can ticket split and get it 1-p cheaper thanks for posting though heat added
5 ***** for the effort
Anybody know of goid deals for Disneyland in October - current offers expire Sept
Not bad
Cold - overrun with migrants
I love this! Thank you
mould7 h, 48 m ago

Cold - overrun with migrants [Video]

Lock yourself in your room (if you have one) and never come out. Living with and seeing other humans seems too hard for you.
I've checked every single ticket mentioned in this post and I can verified that is all gone. SAD FACE!

anyone else manage to find/get £58pp day ticket?

help me out please. need it desperately!
@iz123456789 Sorry I think the promotion has ended as the banner they had for it on the homepage seems to have gone as well.
Paris is a war zone especially at night my girlfriend found it extremely scary especially if you like to venture outside the centre of town - muslim immigrants especially the Africans are all pickpockets , muggers and the amount of violence against the police was seriously disturbing as are all the people sleeping everywhere in the streets - if you do go i woudl seriously advise you to take a weapon or tazer with you its really that bad! The authorities and police havent a clue what to do about it. So much for no nogo zones we found out there are literally hundreds now in France where even the police are afraid to go - they call them Banlieu so avoid at all costs. If you are Jewish it would be best to avoid at all costs or at least disguise your Yashmak as we saw loads of violence at night! Worst city break i have ever had so different from when i went in 1990's - I for one will never go back! Dont listen to the libtards IT IS Dangerous especially the train statin and bus depots!
Edited by: "omendata" 13th Sep 2017
"Muslim immigrants especially the Africans".... Shame even our schools couldn't teach you how to talk in public. Can your girlfriend really prove that all of culprits were Muslims? Or all of them were Africans? Or all of them were even immigrants?
If she can't then keep your sick mentality to yourself or probably share it with your girlfriend. There's a reason she's your girlfriend and you made it quite obvious.

In terms of Paris at night, I found it easier to visit Eiffel tower at night. You can park right next to it. The only problem we faced was, we were approached (not aggressively by any mean) by a lot of street vendors offering champagne and roses.
omendata10 h, 39 m ago

Another libtard i speak from experience and as an ex police officer i have …Another libtard i speak from experience and as an ex police officer i have more experience in dealing with ethnics than you although i surmise you are probably African yourself - there is a reason Africa has gone nowhere in 200 ywears even with all 1 trillion of foreign aid, a reason why all the worst gangs in the uk and europe , usa are black and a reason all terrorists are muslims - they are parasites and dangerous - keep hiding your head in the sand but one day it will affect your family then you wont be giving us your liberal nonsense that has destroyed this country since 1950's. So you drove everywhere and you make a comment about not meeting or seeing any of the trouble - what a typical limousine libtard tourist - try walking through the Banlieus at night or anywhere near them. I am also fluent in 3 languages including French and I know what i heard from the crims and the locals and none of it was good - did you actually talk to any French locals - no thought not probably cant even speak proper english - innnit!

What a wasteman!
If you own or have access to a room, please stay in there. The world is much better place without you.
I'm not an African. Just because I defend a racist attack, doesn't mean I belong to that race.
Your "all muslims are terrorist" comment is nothing but a glimpse of your sick mentality.
Ex police officer, I guess I know why you're ex officer lol.
Now go and take your girlfriend to your local pub and enjoy your £10 night out. Oh no I forgot you're better off in your room only. Night night.
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