£59 Bulgaria Sunny Beach - Gatwick - 7 nights - 20th Sept
£59 Bulgaria Sunny Beach - Gatwick - 7 nights - 20th Sept

£59 Bulgaria Sunny Beach - Gatwick - 7 nights - 20th Sept

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Missus found this but can't go...Good write up on trip advisor. Hope someone gets this as it's a great deal. in the search box select Package deals, Bulgaria, Bourgas, London Gatwick, 20 sept 2010 ....+/- 3 days... nights....and Manchester too....TOO LATE> IT'S EXPIRED


total sh!t hole.

Leave your money at home.
And it sounds like a Club 18-30 holiday hotel to me.
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Bargain, wonder what the weather's like in Bulgaria in September!

There is the forecast, much better than here Amazing Deal Tho.


Well worth it, hot!

also available from Mcr.

Horrible, Horrible place!!!!!!! Spent 2 long dreadful wks there this summer...... I woyldn't go back even if it was free

Option Total Price Charity Donation £2.00 Add now » 5kg E … Option Total Price Charity Donation £2.00 Add now » 5kg Extra Luggage Allowance £30.00 Add now » Your Seat Your Choice £30.00 Add now » Resort Transfer £60.00 Add now » In-Flight Meal £30.00 Add now »





and.......these are the optional extras


cant see this deal on their site

ok found it

marnier is an 18-30s hotel - im too old


and.......these are the optional extras(_;)

5kg extra luggage dont need
you get a seat anyway
short flight dont need meal
resort transfer get taxi its cheaper
the extras are bit expensive but you can do without them

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If you do research you can get return transfers for £7

i got back from Sunny Beach and loved it. i'm not exactly a party all night person but the place is spotless and imo much better choice than Eygpt or Turkey

My parents are not prudish, and they enjoyed it at Sunny Beach, but they said the place had it fair share of gangsters and hookers!.


Horrible, Horrible place!!!!!!! Spent 2 long dreadful wks there this … Horrible, Horrible place!!!!!!! Spent 2 long dreadful wks there this summer...... I woyldn't go back even if it was free

Was it this hotel you stayed at? or another one in same area?

full of mafia and if you go down the wrong streets you just end up in the slums.
Good price though heat added

I cant find this deal?

Can't find it. Cheapest is £109ea

Nice place, don't listen to the idiots calling it a ****. Just be careful and stay safe (like most holiday resorts really). Great for a young person's holiday, cheap booze and cheap food. The weather isn't great in september though, and ovbviously it's a bit quieter than usual.

Beware of the 18-30 reps at the mariner though, they are very pushy to the point that it's just rude. It's verging on bullying the way they try to pressure you, so just be rude back to them

I went to this exact hotel last year, lots of Sweedish who were quite noisey but for an 18-30 holiday you can't complain, still had a very good time! Lots of cheap places to drink around as well 50p a pint in some places.

As for the comment about the reps we didn't have a problem with them, we boguht 1 night with the 18-30 lot and they never tried to upsell the rest of the week.

Cant find this deal on the site. Anybody found it?

not available anymore

what is bulagrie like , lots rate it , this sound , dreadfull

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Put this on over a week ago so must have expired.....here's a tip for you all...when searching for deals click on the 'NEW' tab so you'll see all deals before they become 'HOT'..or cold.

Went there 2 years ago today exactly and many of the clubs start to shut down on that week, the weather was poor and food was shocking, and by shocking I mean I'm not fussy but I didn't even bother eating the meat, it was for the most part grey and processed to high heaven. Beers is cheap though (around a £1 a pint) The point made above about safety is very true, for the most part is fine but stick to the busy areas, my friend got mugged one night out there but fought them off.

I couldnt find the deal. Cheapest I found was £109 each from gatwick but i wanted it from Manchester. thats still cheap

It was cheap when i went two years ago as they didnt have the Euro. Partied all week and ate well for about £200. it's nto a bad place but you have to watch the amount of change given in bars and end up forking out to use the loo every time you want to go.

I was warned before hand not to get into fights with the locals and to leave the prostitutes alone. I took their advice and had a good time!

Should really edit the title to say can only be booked by anyone 18-35 yr old as its 18-30 holiday and thats their rules!

Sunny Beach isnt to every ones taste however there are lots of restaurants, the Black Sea has been awarded a Blue Flag and the locals are fine
Nearby is old Nessebur which is a World Heritage site and very interesting; you could spend your time here and use the Hotel as a base if you dont like night life. You cant go wrong at this price
Weather can still be great at this time of the year

My GF and her friends went to Bulgaria this year and totally hated it, would never go back. Power outages; angry, unhelpful people and poor weather do not a good holiday make.

^in this very hotel^


Enough said
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