£5.99 Flights - RyanAir UK

£5.99 Flights - RyanAir UK

Found 12th Oct 2007
Another great RyanAir deal, various flights in tax for £5.99


Have booked plenty of the 1p ones in the past. Having problems with this one though.

Even though it comes up saying both flights 1p, the total then comes to £16 (to Cork). Still a pittance but was hoping for total of £12, as the offer says.

Anyone managed the £5.99 cost yet. I thought it would appear as £5.99 after showing as 1p. Buttons I know but an offer is an offer!

was going away to book flights from glasgow last night to dublin for £ 40.00 total and then when back to book this morning they have hiked up to £ 144.00 nightmare - i think i will just leave it to see if they come down again

I thought RyanAir were doing another cheapo promo but this is an old thread!

However, flights can be had for £10 one way which includes taxes at the moment.

Weren't they on watchdog last week?

Flew to Dublin with the family a few weeks ago for £16.08 including priority boarding, thanks to the 1p sale earlier in the year.

This is Waaaaaaaaaay too expensive, so voted cold.

will def wait til flights go cheaper than £ 144 glasgow to dublin

hopefully wont be too long

Have got a price Glasgow to Dublin for £10 then did a search for the other way round and getting flight for 10 euros so getting flights for £20 return approx will this work or not.

If you have got a reference for the booking, it has worked
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