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5kg - 32.5kg Quick Select Adjustable Dumbbell Set + Bench Package £350 @ MuscleSquad

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5kg - 32.5kg Quick Select Adjustable Dumbbell Set + Bench PackageThese high quality, heavy-duty, precision selectable / adjustable free weights allow you to easily shift from 5kg - 32.5kg in 2.5kg intervals. Meaning one pair of these dumbbells replaces a complete set of 12 fixed dumbbells, meaning you save on space & cost - 1m2 & well over £400.

Each selectable dumbbell is precision engineered to allow you to quickly & easily change your resistance across 12 settings up to a maximum weight of 32.5kg; they represent the evolution of the old, spinlock style, adjustable dumbbells, removing the faff of dismantling the dumbbell to change weights and bringing it bang up to date - dock the dumbbell, turn the dial & pick up a different weight - simple & fast, an adjustable dumbbell that allows for drop sets! With such versatility, they provide the most flexible, cost effective strength training available, all encompassed in a tiny footprint.

The 32.5kg selectable dumbbells come with their own dock to facilitate simple shifting and tidy storage.

Versatile & CompactThis pair of selectable dumbbells is the equivalent to 12 individual free weights. Dial up and down the weights in 2.5kg increments (5kg, 7.5kg, 10kg, 12.5kg, 15kg, 17.5kg, 20kg, 22.5kg, 25kg, 27.5kg, 30kg, 32.5kg) meaning you can do compound and isolation movements, e.g. chest press, shoulder press & lateral raises, with one piece of kit.

Dimensions: In tray (mm) - (H) 210 , (W) 380 , (D) 200.

ComfortableThe handle is engineered with soft, textured grip for comfort and ease of use.

This product is built to last with a heavily tested gripping mechanism providing a secure attachment to the weight plates. There will be an element of movement/sound from the plates but this is normal. This highly technical piece of equipment is designed for controlled movements, if you're looking to perform more jerking movements like snatches and swings please see our hex dumbbells, round dumbbells or kettlebells. It is also important that they are kept dry to avoid damage.

Want a little more?Add an Adjustable Dumbbell BenchA pair of 32.5kg selectable dumbbells and an adjustable dumbbell bench is a great combination for limited space. Adding a foldable dumbbell bench to your dumbbells unlocks thousands of different exercise and workout options.

Check out full details of our adjustable bench here:Adjustable Dumbbell Bench

Our Adjustable Dumbbell Bench was developed for versatility. Both the backrest and seat can be adjusted - the backrest can be adjusted to six different angles, while the seat can be independently adjusted to four different angles to target different areas of the body and add variety to your workout. Use the upright setting for seated shoulder press, the 75-degree angle for concentration curls, either of the two incline positions for incline bench press or chest supported rows, flat position for bench press, and the decline position for decline bench press.

Our adjustable dumbbell bench will support a total weight of 170kg and, when your workout is done, the bench will easily fold away for convenient storage.

Max. Dimensions: (mm) Laid flat: (H) 415, (L) 1340, (W) 370

Upright: (H) 1140, (L) 1160, (W) 370.

Pads: Back Rest: (L) 775, (W) 370. Seat: (L) 340, (W) 370.
MuscleSquad More details at MuscleSquad
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    How do these compare to bowflex?
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    As long as these are good quality, it's a decent price for the set!
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    Great value
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    These arrived today and am really happy with them. Recommended
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    30 quid for a bench is amazing!
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    Are these adjustable dumbells any good?
    I really couldn't find a decent answer to this during the pandemic and ended up buying hex dumbbells just to be sure
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    Great price!
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    Price gone up now