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Laila Basmati Rice 5kg £4 @ Sainsbury's

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Cheapest it's been for a while, available for delivery and click and collect.
Not a good deal as the farm foods one but I couldn't find that at my local farm foods.
I have ordered for delivery for an extra £4

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Original Basmati with a delicate aroma and delicious taste, aged to Perfection.

Our rice is perfect for many dishes. For some tasty recipes visit us at: Lailafoods.com

100% Pure Basmati Rice

Dietary Information
Suitable for Vegetarians

Country of Origin
Place of provenance: Product of Punjab

Store in a cool dry place. Once opened, keep tightly closed and consume within the Best Before End date. For Best Before End date: See bottom of pack.


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  1. CheapandCheer's avatar
    If someone is in the store, can you please scan and let us know what price it is scanning at?
    sjs31's avatar
    Scans at £9, which is the offer price in-store. I tried it two stores yesterday.
  2. BabiDealings's avatar
    They will likely email you and say it is an error and tell you to cancel or they will charge full price  
     this is what they did on the 10kg pack for the same price 
    bhavani123's avatar
  3. scot_tan's avatar

    49796462-iKezF.jpg (edited)
  4. deelow23's avatar
    Pricing error. If ordered Online it will just be cancelled & not substituted.
  5. tcotpatpwtcot's avatar
    Don't waste your time. Sainsbury's never honour these glitch prices. So much so that they don't even send a cancellation mail. And when you go to collect, the grocery van says sorry your order ain't in the list and that means it's cancelled.
  6. johnnytwohatz's avatar
    Due to yesterday's problems with the 10 kg Laila Basmati, voted cold.
  7. pink73's avatar
    Already posted snd expired yday.
  8. katek's avatar
    Had my 4kg of Morrisons rice delivered from Amazon for £3.58 the other day. Quite tasty!
  9. faah1's avatar
    Got charged the full price of £9 instead of £4 per bag today. I did request for no substitute. Delivery was due this evening had to cancel the order.
  10. madam7861's avatar
    Ordered the 5kg at £4 early this morning. Hoping this one goes through as the 10kg one was cancelled.
  11. wellkid's avatar
    This needs to expire, plenty got sucked into ordering yesterday and got Cancellation email. If you didn't cancel, Sainsburys will charge you full wack at £16.
    yahamatahir's avatar
    Not for 5Kg.....
  12. Smarty28's avatar
    I received an email saying it was an error and I could either paying the full price or cancel. I obviously cancelled
    Mouhsin_Ahmed's avatar
    For the 5kg ones?
  13. monsur_hossain's avatar
    Yeah, same for me, absolutely a waste of time!
  14. Kkay293's avatar
    This is 5 not the 10kg
  15. Diamond_desires's avatar
    Joined the bandwagon and ordered
    NuffinisFree's avatar
    I'm sorry to break it to you but you see the bandwagon set off yesterday, unfortunately it got pull over and the wagon was replaced with an identical one which costs 4 times as much.

    I'm keeping my fingers crossed for anyone who ordered yesterday but I doubt any will get through today.
    Good luck though
  16. rarefriend2121's avatar
    it was 10kg for £4 last week
  17. Bibizzzz_3's avatar
    Ordered yesterday and Sainsbury’s cancelled …….
    abuhaneefahali's avatar
    The 10kg or 5kg ?
  18. JESPINEI's avatar
    I'm getting 2 X 2kg for £8. Hoping to get a £4 voucher and a bit more as a 1kg down.
  19. bil.hussain's avatar
    Wild goose chase ?
    NuffinisFree's avatar
    Yes, started yesterday and is continuing today
  20. DealHugger's avatar
    Confused by the description where it says "Aged to Perfection"?
    Angri's avatar
    It's a reference to the phrase that my wife uses to describe me...................

    at least - - I think it's me she's describing
  21. MynameisM's avatar
    Laila doesn't seem cook very well , others still like it, doesn't go as big as the likes of Himalayan rice or the kohinoor, I'd try and get them abit more but at the moment it's in Tesco for 14 for 10kg . The gold bags of Laila seem be a better rice think they are around 14.50 at Morrison's for 10kg.
  22. big-nose's avatar
    Don’t bother - they emailed me to say the price is incorrect
  23. CyptoHippy's avatar
    Rice is a cheap and staple food. I love Chicken Pulao Rice, once you can master dish this is amazing!

  24. UltimatePhoenix's avatar
    Love rice, perfected white rice years ago, anyone know how the hell i cook brown rice? Prefer brown and need it with my health but cant cook it
  25. imiìiiii's avatar
    They cancel the order, but haven't updated the price, its just to drive traffic to their website
  26. Hoopz89's avatar
    s10's avatar
    Nope that is for 10kg. This is 5kg
  27. Kai83's avatar
    It'll get cancelled. I ordered off the deal yesterday then a few hours later I had until 11pm to cancel the order or be charged full price...

  28. Icecube's avatar
    same here got my order cancelled for the 5kg when they emailed yesterday to tell me 10kg bag price error, they dont hounour this and just cancel order, waste of time
  29. Brutes's avatar
    I got £5 voucher as compensation for yesterday's 10Kgs.cancellations.

    Now , I just bought 6 pack of this for £20. Let's see what happens on collection tomorrow.
    Thanks OP.
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