5kg Mai Tai Jasmine Rice £5 at Morrisons

5kg Mai Tai Jasmine Rice £5 at Morrisons

Expires on 21/04/2020Posted 4th Feb
"Offer price £5 when you order by 21/04/2020. Offer subject to availability. Maximum 20 promotional items per customer."

A bit of a gamble on this one, as some of the recent reviews are a little worrying when they say that the quality has dropped compared to bags sold previously. Hopefully it'll be alright...
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Where is place of manufacture
Thanks. I got a bag of this stuff about 3 years ago from Morrisons and only just finished it! I'll get one ordered :-D

Edit: Yikes the reviews really are shocking. I think I'll give it a miss!
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The last bag I bought from Morrisons was a jasmin rice blend ~ It was shockingly bad
My partner never throws rice out. Potatoes, bread but never rice.
This went straight in the bin and I got the blame even though she asked me to pick it up!
Bought from Sainsbury's a couple of weeks back and the bag consisted almost entirely of broken rice grains.
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