5kg of pond fish food £4 at amazon (add on item)

5kg of pond fish food £4 at amazon (add on item)

Found 4th Aug 2017
As it says, 5kg of pond fish food for £4. Says its 1 - 2 months wait, I ordered on 27 June and did have a date of the start of September, bu just received an email to say it will be with me next week instead. Assuming they are the same as the ones in tubs, they consist of:

28% crude protein
3% oil
2% fibre
7.5% ash
10% moisture (seems high?)

At less than a quid a kg seems a great way to bulk up your koi.
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Usually dispatched within 1 to 2 months.


My bad luck, I bought Pettex pond sticks last week Heat added
That's Piers Morgan's breakfast sorted out then
can my goldfish fry eat these? i can mash it with potato?
Thanks, bought a bag for the misses. She loves this on top of her cereal.
It arrived while I was away, they are indeed big sacks of fish food for 4 quid!
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