5l Vegetable oil (2 x 5l for £9 ) @ Tesco instore

5l Vegetable oil (2 x 5l for £9 ) @ Tesco instore

Found 1st Dec 2011
Just found this deal in Ipswich ( was worth the price of the diesel going there just for this ;-) )
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would be nice to let us know where
Original Poster
Tesco ( if you look a tad harder you will see a tesco link )
do you live in orkney?

is it still worth the pootle?
Don't forget (at this time of year) if you don't have a pre heater fitted to your fuel tank to mix it 50/50 with normal diesel!
Original Poster
this time of year always mix 50/50 ( or maybe stock up for later ). The cold weather can gell up the system so be careful ( never pootled anywhere , but Orkney is hot on my pootling list lol )
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