5m Coax RF TV Aerial Extension Kit c/w four ends, coupler, cable nails £1 @ Poundland

5m Coax RF TV Aerial Extension Kit c/w four ends, coupler, cable nails £1 @ Poundland

Found 14th Nov 2010
Can probably get it at most Pound/99p type stores

Comes with 5m of thin WHITE coax cable (Ideal for me as had to fit it through tiny hole in wall and match the skirting).
One end moulded male Coax.
Gives you three other male coax ends (useful if you don't use all 5m can make up another cable)
One male to male coupler (i.e has two female plugs on it)
comes with 30 of those little plastic nail things.

I know the quality is REALLY poor, the shielding has about 6 strands of wire in it and they're all in the same place. The connectors are the type where you put the internal copper into a pin and screw it in (the copper is not thick enough to 'be' the pin)

However the inside antenna in my bedroom only got BBC1, I now get all 5 channels (need a freeview box) and the Virgin cable tv piped in from the living room FOR A QUID!!!. Running it through the 'digital booster' of my internal antenna seemed to remove most of the noise.
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BTW - Not picture of actual item
The lead looks like the one on the right in this pic:

very good deal 5.99 on amazon
the pittance of downleed,,,, this **** should b band,, very very poor
The cable on the right is the same I got from maplins for £16 voted hot
wait poundland or poundworld?
none in the two london stores i checked...
I think it's meant to be poundworld.
LOL heat for a deal no1 has found (well except the OP)
It was in Northampton Poundland AND Poundworld (Two different kits, basically the same thing) - I got mine from PoundWORLD.

It was still in Poundworld in Northampton (In Grosvenor Centre) as of this afternoon (over in the back left of the store, on a wall facing the back wall of the store, with all the other electrics).
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