5oz Breastflow Baby Feeding Bottles GIVEAWAY!

5oz Breastflow Baby Feeding Bottles GIVEAWAY!

Found 18th Jul 2009
When is a competition not a competition? When it's a giveaway! We usually have competitions in this section of our website but the kind folks from The First Years would like us to give away a 5oz baby feeding bottle to all our visitors who fill in and submit the form below.

Breastflow from The First Years is a revolutionary new bottle system that allows baby to go easily from breast to bottle and back again.

The perfect solution for alternating between breast and bottle, Breastflow, when used with expressed milk, can actually help prolong breastfeeding success by giving mum a break without jeopardising or upsetting the breastfeeding process. Breastflow also provides the perfect transition for breastfeeding mothers returning to work.

Completely different from any other bottle system, Breastflows revolutionary, patented, two-piece teat is anatomically designed to work just like mum!

With Breastflow, baby uses the same instinctive compression and suction action used to suckle naturally from its mothers breast. The inner teat is designed to act like a mothers milk duct allowing baby to control milk flow while the outer teat is designed to draw baby closer to the softer surface and safely compress in just the same way as if feeding from the breast.

The system also aids in keeping air out of babys tummy, helping to prevent colic.

The First Years is delighted to provide a free 5oz Breastflow sample to expectant or new mums to evaluate. Just complete your details below and a sample will be sent to you in the next few weeks.

For more information on Breastflow call the Learning Curve Consumer Helpline on 01271 336172 or visit Breastflow.
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Many thanks!!
I got sent one of these a couple of months ago and my MIL also got me one. Haven't used it yet but they do arrive

I got sent one of these a couple of months ago and my MIL also got me … I got sent one of these a couple of months ago and my MIL also got me one. Haven't used it yet but they do arrive

[FONT=Comic Sans MS][SIZE=4][COLOR=seagreen]Thanks for the info :thumbsup: repped added[/COLOR][/SIZE][/FONT]
Thank you x x x x
great find, thanks!
Thanks, entered.

Cousins baby is due in about 3weeks
Thankyou x
hope it comes try it out on me little one




what you saying??????:whistling:
michael goulston;5794679

??????what you saying??????:whistling:

It's been free for a while
Great find got this the other week, they are deliverd within the week.
didn't get 1 last time but have tried again fingers crossed, as i'm due tomorrow lol
Great, thank you!
My lil boy has used this bottle for over a year now and its great.. would definately recommend..


[FONT=Comic Sans MS][COLOR=purple]Which was posted over 2 months ago, there are new HUKD members since then. Anyway its nice to just have a reminder of some freebies! [/COLOR][/FONT]
Mine arrived a day after requesting. Thanks
Awesome, thanks (:
thanks just applied - my baby is due in 8 weeks so very handy !

Welshy x
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