5p off per litre of fuel with £30 spend in store @ Co-op

5p off per litre of fuel with £30 spend in store @ Co-op

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Midlands co-op Lichfield are doing a 5p off per litre deal, with just a £30 spend, lower than many other retailers. This may be store specific, or all Midlands Co-op stores, or even more Co-op societies.

They're still selling 2 tins of Cadbury Roses and other chocs for £8, until Tuesday, if that helps you spend £30 more easily.

End date not advertised


I work for Midlands Co-op and can say this is not for all Midland Co-op fuel sites, only specific to Lichfield and maybe non-Midland Co-op, Cooperative branded sites.

(Yes, Midlands Co-op and The Cooperative are two different companies)

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Thanks Markku, I did guess that it may not be widespread, but it's a good deal for anyone that is close to the area, and beats many of the other retailers. It's a pity that it's not more widespread, as it would be great for the co-op.

Thanks also to whoever put the co-op logo in, I was stuggling to download the midlands coop logo for ages, until I had to go out. Cheers!

Didnt even know coop had fuel stations?

Havent seen any down south, good deal


Dartford got rid of the last mega Co-op Departmental store a good 5 years ago. Good to know Co-op are dealing in black gold.

Tesco are doing the same ... not sure what the minimum spend is but I got a voucher when I went shopping on the weekend. 98.9/l of unleaded.


Tesco are doing the same ... not sure what the minimum spend is ...

As are Sainsburys & Morrisons. But all different to this deal ... the clue is in the OP;-)

Edit: but with my local Tesco selling u/l petrol at 108.9p/l, i prefer to buy from asda @ 104.9 and get my 1p/l discount at the pump using their credit card. No extra purchases required :thumbsup:

Similarly, I'm not sure if this co-op deal is hot or not, it depends on (a) the price of the products purchased and (b) the usual price of their petrol
(I don't know as there are no co-op petrol stations around here to compare)
However, going by the OP suggestion of buying 2 tins of sweets for £8 (£1 more than Asda until yesterday) and considering you would have to buy 8 tins in total to get above the £30 minimum spend, then you'd need a big car taking in excess of 80 litres of fuel just to break even (on the assumption the petrol is competitively priced in the first place)

never heard of co-op midlands anyway, up north you see

lol cold from me as a£30 shop in Coop would be £20 in Asda

As such you would need to fill a juggernaut to save any money

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Still running, and if you have a coop dividend card, and just bought Coop products, that would be 5p in the £ back, or 10p in the £ when they have double dividend, as they did when this offter started.

So, @ 5p = £1.50 back, or 10p = £3.00 back

Coop is ridiculously expensive, so essentially you're overpaying for your groceries, and then getting a fraction of it back on your fill up.

Most cars are around 30l, so a £1.50 saving, you will probbably save more than £1.50 by shopping elsewhere and buying full price fuel.
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