5p off petrol at BP garages if you buy some Coke!
5p off petrol at BP garages if you buy some Coke!

5p off petrol at BP garages if you buy some Coke!

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BP garages are doing 5p off a litre of petrol if you buy 2x500ml bottles of coke or diet coke. Simple deal! Sorry for the lack of a pic! Price here is for unleaded with the discount

Buy 2 bottles of Coke 500ml (Coca-Cola, Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Cherry Coke 500ml) to receive 5p discount off each full litre of BP petrol, diesel or LPG Autogas, for a single vehicle!

At selected sites only, Terms and Conditions apply. This promotion is available until September 10th 2012.


And how much is the coke needed to get this deal?

Hardly a saving, on a full tank in my ford focus zetec (53 litres) thats £2.65, 2 bottles of coke is roughly the same in a garage unless its on offer so your basically just getting 2 bottles of coke for free - which is basically adding calories to your diet - so not saving money and putting weight on lol

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Sorry, don't know the price, spotted on a poster as I was passing the garage. Might of interest to some people!

Direct link added along with further info in op... thanks for posting.

Ridiculous deal, 5p off when according to Frank coke averages £42 per gram.

If it's the same price it'd be kinda satisfying to get the deal just to pour the coke down the drain, after seeing just how much corporate shafting has gone on over the Olympics.

Better deal if you've got an unleaded vehicle with a big fuel tank...and of course, if you're in an area with cheaper petrol than others (e.g. price varies by 7p/ltr within 5 miles of my area)

Generally an OK deal if you were buying 2 x 500ml bottles of coke anyway - I filled-up with 58 litres of fuel (diesel) and got the coke too...ended-up paying 22p for the coke in all. If only i'd let the tank run dry a little more before filling-up

The coke is something like £1.79 each.. Saw this at the weekend and managed to brush up on some math before buying.

Thanks for posting, but this isn't a hot deal because of the extortionate price of the coke.

bp garage near me is 9p a litre more than nearest station to it.
screw bp

It's like Tesco selling 9-roll Velvet @ more than twice the price of that in Morrision (£3) and then giving you 10p off your petrol! What a load of rubbish! You more than pay for the 'discount'! Only people who do not compare prices will go for tricks like this. It belittles Tesco and its customers going for such a **** deal!

my car performs pretty much the same with BP and shell fuel, shell is usually 5p cheaper or really i should say BP is 5p more expensive than everywhere else, still paying for that leak i guess.

This BP deal sucks, spend around £80 quid to get a couple of Lts for free, but you gotta buy couple of bottles of coke or equal. Typical petrol company - - better going to Morrisons at 15p off and all you gotta do is purchase your normal supplies

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the deal is also 3 months old....and expired now?
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