5W Cree LED Torch £11.99 at Aldi from Sunday 17th November

5W Cree LED Torch £11.99 at Aldi from Sunday 17th November

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Found 14th Nov 2013
Excellent torch for the money

Ultra bright, lightweight 5 watt Cree LED aluminium torch designed for maximum durability.

Includes: Strap and Bag
Range: approx. 120m
Available in: Anthracite or Black
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I have one of these myself from last year and will hopefully grab another-

Fantastic milled aluminium body which has taken allot of abuse over the last year, The adjustable beam is very very useful as you can have a flood for a large area close up or a spot for a tighter beam at distance.
The website doesn't mention the other features which last year (can't see it changing) were 1 press for on, light press for half power beam and half press for auto s.o.s function has never been used by myself but i suppose it is a good addition for hikers / walkers / boating enthusiasts etc

Small enough to keep in your coat pocket and not too heavy for the brightness- Much better value than the likes of led-lenser!

Hot from me!
Good but better ones are available for less, e.g. Ultrafire

I seem to remember Torchy's website stating "never use an led marketed with the name _____fire" (there are a lot of companies using it), but that was based on dodgy rechargeables etc, getting hot, burning, exploding etc. ..

I use an Ultra FIRE 5w Cree torch and I have never had a problem with it, using 18650(5000mAh) batteries the light given off is great and is over two hours of light. The Aldi version looks good but it will depend on the mAh of the batteries to be used, will have to go along on the 17th.
Does anyone know how long the batteries last in this, i just bought a cree 3.7v but only get full beam for about 15 mins constant use
Looks like it takes 3 x AAA's can anyone confirm that? ..seems a possibility of short burn time, & not regulated.
still good deal won't turn my nose up at Cree leds

Plastic or glass lense? IP rating? output on a new set of batts? ..come on Aldi you can do better than that information wise

..just take some spare batteries till you can gauge burn times.
Most likely 3xAAA batteries, a bit expensive but at least you get the standard Aldi 3 year warranty. Should be less than £8 like the Lidl ones. Check carefully the right way when inserting them, there is a + symbol on the top of the battery holder, but not all 3 batteries go in the same way. Just follow the normal convention of negative to the spring end and everything works OK.
Any lumen rating or ip rating ?
looks like a single AAA batteryor 3 AAA, probably a cheap Q3 led, plastic lens. Be lucky to get 300LM
For a little more money you can get a 2000lm LED torch that takes 3 x AAA battery's or the single 3.5 volt battery from the bay . The one I bought has a zoom lens and is very,very bright .
I'm a torch (mainly Petzl headtorch) fan, & whilst some of us are questioning what's out there in modern experienced latest couple of generations of LED torches & output, However for the layman, if this is basically water resistant & throws out 300 lumens with a fresh set, settling on 150-180 lumens, for someone used to a filament bulb (plenty still out there) it's going to be a breath of fresh air.

would love to know what exact led model it is, maybe for re-setting in an old mag, if compatible.

My sparky mate still uses an old chunky filament, whilst fitting leds in favour of naff halogen lights, but won't upgrade his rotten old kit for looking under flooboards etc (yes, a diehard yorkshire man).

pound for pound this would suit a lot of folk & a few DofE 'ers who won't sadly be doing anything beyond their badge!
I picked one up to put in the Mrs's car for winter, it's a different cree chip to last year but I cant identify the exact chip.

No further info on the instructions r.e lumen rating, it mentions minimum beam range of 120m, and it is IP65 rated.

All in all a decent little torch for a good price in a physical store
Got a couple at my local Aldi today - seems like a great deal. Feels well made to me and has a 3 year warranty which is a lot more than I would expect from an ebay special direct from HK. Comes with a warning sticker telling me it's potentially hazardous to the eye - love it!

Actually looking forward to taking the mutt out to the darkest corners of the local park tonight :-)
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