5W Cree LED torch at Aldi - reduced to £4.99

5W Cree LED torch at Aldi - reduced to £4.99

Found 20th Nov 2015
I looked at these torches when Aldi first had them in on their 'specials' a couple of weeks ago. Seemed good value for a tenner but couldn't justify that for something I didn't really need. Picked one up in Shirley (Solihull) yesterday reduced to just £4.99 and they had plenty more.

Great torch: small, VERY bright, robust aluminium body, variable focus, 3 modes, diffuser, case, 3xAAA batteries included.

Local Aldi stores all appear to be doing half price clearances (presumably ahead of Christmas stock). Items available vary by store but well worth a look if you're passing, eg noticed large (6.5l?) slow cookers in another store for under £10.
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aldi torches are pretty, got different one months ago. works well, no doubt there will be someone who complains about how !any lumens it has.
Amazing torches, not safe for children as there VERY bright.
Got one of these a couple of years back, great inspection/close up light, you can focus for no hot spot, just a flat disc of light

Amazing torches, not safe for children as there VERY bright.

​no really a torch that is bright, go figure.
Got a 99p (Sams 99p) one that is similar - has a single high power LED and focusing, and is seriously bright - makes the 9 ordinary LED one look like a glow worm!
nice find op let there be light
Okay light for general use but for going outdoors/running/cycling you'd definitely want something more reliable. The number of times these "Chinese" torches have died on me and mates is unbelievable. And don't try in the rain
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