This deal expires on Monday at 23:59
Posted 1 day ago

5x bonus Nectar points on one item over £10 + Up to 300 base points @ Ebay

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Discover deals on refurb, pre-loved & more this Black Friday. Spend £10+ on 1 item to bag 5x points

Terms & conditions apply.

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    The question is, since these Nectar offers overlap, will they stack for 35x? (edited)
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    Its actually 5x points on anything across ebay. Decent, but keep the big spend for Friday 30x, as @Crossbow mentioned
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    Thank you - I had an offer accepted on two different items this week in preparation, so I'll use this offer to checkout/pay for one item today and then checkout the higher priced item tomorrow on the 30x offer!
    Normally, Best Offers need to be accepted when a Nectar offer is active for the extra points to be assigned to the purchase, but let us know your results. (edited)
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    Only if I saw this 3 hours ago
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    🤞 hoping for a 20% off code for tomorrow I can use during power hour.
    Aren't we all
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    Cheers man.
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    I have this offer, thank you
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    Cheers! Definitely holding fire for the power hour period tomorrow 🤞🏼
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    Nice combine with power hour offer 12-1pm. Might pull trigger on an ooni
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    Anyone knows where to link the nectar card on eBay ?
    Click on ‘Help’ on you Ebay profile page, then type in ‘Nectar’ in search bar and tells you how to do it from there
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    Are there any reputable gift card sellers? I don’t think of anything I want to buy right now
    Me neither. Don’t think you get points on gift cards
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    Wounded. Some absolute s***house kindly hacked my Nectar account, spent nearly £300 of points that I've been saving so accounts frozen. Merry bloody Christmas
    Sorry to hijack your deal OP. I'm grateful you posted it as I would have used it.
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    does anyone know how to turn off ebay watch item reminders i must get 2 or 3 a day drives me nuts.
    Stop watching the items and start buying them!!