£6 - 3 months Xbox Live Gold Membership

£6 - 3 months Xbox Live Gold Membership

Found 20th May 2011

put your current gamertag email in it will then ask you to sign in

sign in and continue to purchase 3 months for £6

well worth it

EDIT : You can do it more then once iv just added 6 months for £12


whats the link? bargain if so
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link added mate enjoy

Link you gave redirects to home

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dosnt for me are you on the UK Site

try another browser or close the browser and reopen i just ryed the link and it works
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link redirects me to the home page

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just tryed it 6 times it opened every time

link directs to the homepage for me too, tried ff, chrome and ie

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The 3 months is also available through the dashboard. I bought Sega Rally XBLA on Thurs and wanted to go online and noticed this deal.

probably for silver customers only, when you goto join up it comes up with the link you pasted

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im gold and i added six more months 2 mins before i posted that link

Link goes to home page...

is that for gold members too^?

Try this link

how do you get rid of your details though?
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