6 Bath Towel Set £2 @ Primark

6 Bath Towel Set £2 @ Primark

Found 5th Jun 2008
I was in Hounslow Primark today & when I went to pay they had sets of six bath towels on sale at £2 a set! They are lovely towels & maybe usefull if your near enough, selling on ebay for £20 plus £7 postage!
My first post so be nice


yea lots of stuff on sale inc T-shirts at £1-2 and gold sandals at £1 I spotted, plus patterned socks at £2 for two pairs (these aren't even in the sale!)

Good price instore but would never pay £20 plus £7 postage for these off fleabay!

Woo Hoo going in to town today Guess where I'm going!!!


Woo Hoo going in to town today Guess where I'm going!!!

er....... Can I get another Clue ???? :whistling::whistling:

Voted hot, wish there was a Primark near me

[COLOR="DarkOrchid"]There are a few near me.. i only went on tuesday but never think of looking at towels etc.. Voted HOT..[/COLOR]

they done these in my primark near xmas and i got 6 bundles, only 2 colours though which was a shame

Don't need any towels but I think primark towels are a great buy at their normal price, thick and fluffy, so this is a superb buy if you can get it. Hot!

good price and local for once

£27 quid off e-aby - yeah right - who in their right mind...

I could not find the offer in the Wolverhampton branch, just the normal prices which were about £4-5 for each bath towel:-(

:cry: Couldn't find them in Basingstoke either!!!

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For anyone who is going to the Hounslow branch they have them behind the counter at the back of the till workers.
I overheard someone talking about them which is the only reason I found them.
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