6 Bottles of Kaliber 99p instore @QD

6 Bottles of Kaliber 99p instore @QD

Found 7th Oct 2017
Alcohol-free beer may not be for everyone, but I always like to keep a few in the beer fridge to accompany a mid-week curry or football match (I abstain from booze in the week).

Kaliber might not be as flavoursome as the more expensive ones, but at 16p a bottle it's well worth it. I always resent paying £1 plus for Nanny State anyway!

All the ones on the self I saw were best before January 2018, and they will be drinkable way past that.
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never understood drinking A.free beer.

if your abstaining from booze, just drink a soft drink, something tasty!

No one can honestly say the taste of A.beer is nice can they?
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